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Top 5 BigRoad Blogs of 2015


This past year saw a lot of changes in the trucking industry, particularly with the regulations. The ELD Mandate was finally published after being scheduled and rescheduled throughout 2015. Although the use of ELDs is not effective immediately due to the grace periods, it will definitely have a huge impact over the next coming years.

So it’s not a surprise that BigRoad’s Top 5 Blog Posts are almost all related to the ELD Mandate. These posts were the most viewed on the BigRoad blog and received a ton of shares/likes/comments on our social media networks, particularly Facebook.

If you missed any of these blogs or want a second look, here are the Top 5 Blogs from BigRoad for 2015.

It’s Finally Here!! ELD Mandate Effective Immediately – So What Does That Mean to You?

br-eld-install-blog-179555-edited.jpgThis is the latest blog regarding the ELD Mandate and was published right after that the mandate was cleared.

Shortly after, the FMCSA had the mandate published, however, it doesn’t mean that as of that moment, everyone had to use ELDs. 

This article provides the information all drivers and fleets need to know for the ELD Mandate: compliance dates, grace periods, exemptions and how to transition.

ELD Mandate Clears – So How Does This Affect You?

ELD_Flow_Chart.pngPre-mandate publishing, we had tons of questions about the upcoming mandate and how it would affects drivers and fleets.

This post was dedicated to answering as many questions as there was some information available from the FMCSA.

We’ve also hosted a number of webinars on ELD which are linked in this blog as well.

ELD: You (Don’t) Know You Want It

ELDs.pngAnother pre-mandate post talking about the benefits of using an ELD. Simplify records of duty status, improve safety scores and be inspection ready with ELD.

Not convinced?
Check out our ELD eBook which is linked in this post.

5 Easy Fixes for Hours of Service Violations

image7.jpgOne of BigRoad’s earlier posts in the year, five easy fixes of hours of service violations. This post reviews some of the more common errors drivers come across in keeping track of their hours of service.

With the ELD mandate being published in December, an eLog (not engine-connected) is a great way to start your path to compliance.

You’ll be able to easily fix these five simple errors and start to transition to becoming ELD-ready.

7 Things to Remember While Off-Duty Driving

trucking.jpgWe’ve received tons of questions about off-duty driving and personal conveyance over the year. In this post, we review seven things drivers should keep in mind while driving ‘off the clock’.

It’s important to understand and obey rather than being caught and paying the price.

This article also links the FMCSA personal conveyance information for review.

Looking Back on 2015… 

Those are the top five blog articles of 2015. There was a big spotlight on ELD last year but even the last two blogs relate to concerns that drivers have regarding ELD: on and off duty driving. Whether you’re happy about the mandate or not, remember that everyone will have to transition over to ELDs, so it will be a fair across the board.

It will also alleviate lengthy paperwork for fleet managers and law enforcement. Paper logs are the second largest paper filing next to taxes, so this will allow fleets to do things in real-time and take advantages of additional opportunities.

With the current ELD grace period in place, we recommend drivers start on their path to compliance now and begin to use an eLog. By using BigRoad’s eLog, drivers are basically creating an electronic version of a paper log. It is editable and provides drivers the time to learn and effectively use the app before moving onto an engine-connected device.