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The Electronic Logbook that Drivers Love

BigRoad's Got Your Back

Anyone can say they’re the #1 rated ELD or the industry leading eLog but if 2016 taught us anything, don’t believe everything you read! At BigRoad, we’re proud of our easy-to-use (and free!) electronic logging app that was built with drivers in mind.

What Makes BigRoad Different?

BigRoad has been in the hours-of-service (HOS) game since 2011, before the ELD mandate was even a twinkle in the FMCSA’s eye. More importantly, we have the reviews to prove it! So what can our eLogs do? Truckers are a vocal bunch, passionate about the road and a job well done, and they’ve told us what they think of the BigRoad Mobile App:

Keep Your CSA Score Strong:

Andriod and iPhone eLogs“Great tool! It’s quick and easy to use and makes my day so much easier. Mistakes are easy to correct. Very well put together. Thanks to the creator/s.”
Brian G., Google Play Store

“A wonderful App to satisfy not only FMCSA but audits and road side! Support staff is amazing and even though I don’t wanna go to elogs with BigRoad it’ll be a whole lot easier and productive! Thanks BigRoad!”
Ingrid B., Facebook

“I had thought that I would absolutely hate using electronic logs. I’m from the old school using loose leaf this app allows you to go back and make changes. Its very easy to use a little hard at first would be so much easier to use on a tablet. So far absolutely no complaints at all. I recommend you to install it if you don’t like it you can always delete it. UPDATE: OK so I have been using Big Road for almost two weeks, I just bought a tablet and app is great love it”
Arnold C., Google Play Store

“Sweet! I’ve been using it for over 3 years now and wouldn’t want to drive without it. It’s very easy to use and the best way to ensure an accurate log.”
Clark L., Google Play Store

“WOW If your a driver and use loose leaf logs. This app is the best so easy to use and user friendly. It even tells you when you make a mistake and where it is and how to fix it.”
Chachi P., Google Play Store

“A MUST HAVE! This app is so easy to use! I’m a local gravel hauler and we make multiple stops… I love that it logs by the minute, not 15 minutes. I also love that it knows when you stop or start driving and will automatically change your status of you forget. Most of the drivers in our company use it. Then at the end of the day, we email it to our Dispatch & they print them off for our paperwork.”
Rob T., Google Play Store

Eliminate Your Paperwork:

BigRoad on a Tablet“So nice to go paperless. The app is very well designed and intuitive. For those who enjoy using electronic gadgets whenever they can, I highly recommend BigRoad! Well done!”
David J., Facebook

“Recommend I find the app to be very easy to use and I can be very detailed on my log, faster. I recommend Big Road for all drivers young and old, tech savy or not. It’s very convenient.”
Paul G., Google Play Store

“GREAT APP!!! Perfect app for the small business guy trying to stay compliant. Very easy to use. You will need to keep your phone charged only because it uses the GPS function. Well worth it! No more Paper logs.”
Aaron B., Google Play Store

“It’s just simple. Everything is nice and neat. Boss likes that part. It tells you when you’re up for a 30 minute break or if you’re 11 hrs is up. Then in the morning it alerts you when your reset is complete. Super simple for busy on the go drivers.”
Blade B., Google Play Store

“Quick and easy I was hesitant to switch over to this, mostly because it seemed complicated at first. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This app is great. Easy to use and makes keeping my logs updated simple. I’ll never go back to paper logs.”
Rhett B., Facebook

Law Enforcement Loves BigRoad:

DOT ApprovedFantastic This app is amazing. I have it now on my tablet, and my logs have never looked better. Very easy to use and update. Love the signature addition. It’s even easy for an inspector that’s never seen it before. He had no problem going back through the pages, and was impressed with the fact that it was up to the minute. Highly recommend it.”
Bob W., Google Play Store

“Way to go Great way to keep up with the DOT logging requirements. Very intuitive and easy to use.“
Jim M., Google Play Store

“Easy to use and works great. Was inspected and the officer loved it.“
Neil F., Google Play Store

“Great App!!!!! I recommend this app to anyone that has to or wants an easy alternative to E logs. This app is easy to setup and easy to use and I learned first hand it is DOT approved. Great job guys well worth the monthly subscription”
Rusty R., Google Play Store

“We have been using the big road app since Jan 2016 it works great, very simple easy to help trip planning and most of all keeps you legal up to the minute and roadside inspections are a breeze and to all the E-log haters don’t knock them till you try this app“
Beverly L., Google Play Store

Try BigRoad: 100% DOT Compliant, Free!

Make your logs work for you (and not the other way around). Get everything you need at your fingertips, now: