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The BigRoad Referral Program Success Stories

BigRoad Referral Program Success StoriesThe ELD mandate is here and officers are already issuing violations for non-compliance! Don’t let your friends get fined! Refer them to BigRoad and earn a $75 reward for each one who purchases a DashLink ELD. Referrers are already earning BIG rewards through the BigRoad Referral Program – see what our top referrers have made so far!

It Pays to Have Friends With BigRoad!

The BigRoad Referral Program launched this past summer. The program was designed to make electronic logging device (ELD) compliance more affordable for drivers, while at the same time ensuring they have the best ELD solution available installed in their vehicles. So many of BigRoad’s customers were already recommending their friends to our solutions, why not compensate them for it? The program helps the trucking community recommend a trusted solution to their friends, while both parties earn rewards!

How It Works
The way it works is simple! Referrers can register for the program on our Rewards Page. Once they register, they’ll be given a personalized link that they can share with friends through email, social media, or their personal website. When their friends purchase BigRoad’s DashLink ELD through their link, the referrer earns a $75 reward and the new customer will earn a $25 reward!* This program ends on January 31, 2018, so if you want to join, you’ll need to act fast!

BigRoad’s Top ReferrersBigRoad Referral Program Top 5 ReferrersIn the months leading up to the ELD mandate, the program has really taken off. Once our ambassadors discovered how easy it was to earn rewards with BigRoad, they kept referring more friends and as a result they have earned some pretty BIG rewards!

Here’s how much our top 5 earners have made so far…

Referral Program 5th PlaceFrancois
In 5th place is Francois who joined the BigRoad Referral Program in September and has since earned $975 by referring 13 friends!

Referral Program 4th PlaceAce
Has referred 17 friends since October who purchased DashLinks, earning him $1,250 in rewards – putting him in 4th!

Referral Program 3rd placeAmanpreet
Has become our 3rd place referrer. They’ve earned $1,500 in rewards since joining in November by referring 20 friends successfully!

Referral Program 2nd PlaceSandi 
In spot #2 is Sandi, who has successfully referred 69 drivers to purchase DashLinks, and as a result is $5,250 richer!

Referral Program 1st PlaceMark
Our number 1 ambassador of the BigRoad Referral Program is Mark, who has earned a grand total of $6,000 in rewards with 93 referrals! Way to go Mark!

Earn Rewards Now, Before It’s Too Late!
Do you want to join BigRoad’s top referrers in earning BIG rewards?  Act Fast! The BigRoad Referral Program ends on January 31, 2018 – which means your friends have to purchase a DashLink using your unique link by January 31st in order to receive your rewards! 


*Rewards are issued by Tango Card, an e-gift card reward system, and are redeemable at over 76 retailers. Referrals must follow the terms and conditions outlined here. Program ends on January 31, 2018.