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The Benefits of Transitioning to ELDs Today


Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are changing the way that the trucking industry operates – impacting everyone from drivers to fleet owners and shippers. As with any change, people are hesitant and reluctant at first (which we’ve seen with ELDs). But, did you know about all of the benefits ELDs have to offer you? Making the switch early, could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run! 

bigroad-dashlink-300x287.pngWhy Should I Make the Switch?
People have been asking us a lot of questions about ELDs. One questions that seems to be popping up more and more is: Why should I start using ELDs today rather than waiting until closer to the ELD Mandate deadline?  

We held our Benefits of Transitioning to ELDs Today 
webinar last week to answer that question! Here’s a recap
of what we discussed. 

Biggest Changes Caused By ELD Mandate
The ELD Mandate impacts a lot of people – not just drivers. ELDs are really changing the way that the industry operates. Some of the biggest changes brought forward with this mandate include:

  • Mandating UseWithin 2 years, all commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers who do not qualify for an exemption will need to be running an ELD like DashLink
  • Dwight.jpgAutomatic Information Recording: Drive time will now be recorded directly from the vehicle using an engine-connection, the driver no longer enters this information manually which will help ensure drivers are running in compliance with rules and laws
  • Anti-CoercionSpecific functionality is required to be used in the devices to help prevent driver harassment including a mute functionality, editing rights, and location tracking

Transitioning Early
There are many benefits to getting ahead of the game by transitioning to ELDs before the mandate deadline date. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Protecting Your Safety Score
    CSA.pngBy transitioning to electronic logging devices now, you’ll be better able to protect and maintain your safety score. ELDs take the guesswork out of driving and help drivers ensure they’re following the rules. Automatic recording will ensure accuracy to help you create bullet-proof logs. It has also been noted in a number of publications that drivers remaining on paper logs and eLogs (rather than on an ELD) will face more intense scrutiny from inspectors as the majority of drivers will be using ELDs. 
  • Making Your Transition Easier
    By transitioning earlier, you’re giving your fleet and drivers time to learn the technology and become comfortable with it. You’ll be able to create a transition plan, hold training sessions, and get the support you need from your provider. When it comes to getting pulled in for an inspection, you’ll be comfortable with the app, know how the hardware works, and be confident around the inspector.
  • Enabling You to Better Manage Your Fleet
    When it comes to building a better fleet, ELDs can help! They open up more indepth levels of reporting to enable you to better schedule your drivers and loads, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce unnecessary driving. ELDs also enable fleets to gain insight into the habits of their drivers so they can focus on developing their skills, reducing risk, and improving safety.

  • Improve Your Bottom Line
    ELDs can also have a very positive impact on your bottom line. By reducing violations through proactive notification, you’ll be greatly reducing the risk of fines and out-of-service time. We’ve also seen reports of shippers giving preference to fleets who have adopted ELDs early due to the perceived commitment to safety and compliance.

Get on the Path to Compliance
These are just some of the benefits of transitioning to ELDs early. Connect with BigRoad to see how easy it can be for you to get on the path to ELD compliance with us! Get started by setting up a personalized demo and seeing our solutions in action.