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That’s some crazy trucking!

Whether you’re hauling gravel or produce, trucking can take a dangerous turn at any point. Many routes and terrain may look beautiful and easy to navigate, but they can also throw some major curve balls at you.

I have included in this blog some amazing youtube videos that I came across. The first one is part of a series by Scania that is hosting driver competitions celebrating the skilled truck drivers who drive carefully in tough situations. Peruvian Henrry Tank Piedra travels steep, narrow mountain roads in the Andes. Tight corners, dense fog and vehicles approaching him at high speeds are but a few of his daily challenges. Could you imagine driving these road everyday?

This next video is unbelievable. This truck driver found himself almost completely submerged in water. He managed to save his truck and his load!

Now imagine being in this situation. Talk about teamwork!

Finally – what’s the longest truck that you have ever seen?

Have any crazy trucking experiences of your own? Feel free to share, we’d love to hear ’em!