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Texting while driving? Well this might annoy you enough to stop…

We all know that texting while driving or even taking a call while behind the wheel can be dangerous, yet most of us still do it. Biophysicist Elspeth Garman has proposed a way to make roads safer…

texting and driving

Garman has proposed the idea “for the car to detect that the phone is on a live call or transmitting a message and for the car to slow down until it stops, or safer, for the hazard lights to start flashing. Even better, which would really solve the problem is if the phone suddenly became too hot to hold, so the person would have to drop it and concentrate on driving.” 

Now let’s be honest, these ideas are pretty extreme and also potentially dangerous (hence the reason while they are probably still only ideas). But it does bring up a good point – what will it take to get drivers to put down the electronics and keep their eyes on the road? We live in a fast-paced world, with instant communication causing us the constant urge to check our notifications or feel that we have to respond in a matter of milliseconds. So what’s the rush? Why can’t we convince ourselves that whatever it is can wait till we’re in park? 

Read the full article from the the BBC.