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Tell Us Your Story: Purity Oil Trades in Their Paper for Electronic Logs

In continuing our “Tell Us Your Story” series from earlier this summer, our next story profiles Purity Oil and their transition over to BigRoad from paper logs. I spoke with Cory Higgins, pictured below, who is responsible for DOT Compliance at the company.

Purity Oilfield Services, LLC is a privately owned oilfield service company with operations in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Texas. Purity provides various services including rental, trucking, water solution and water transfer services and equipment to oil and gas companies seeking to find reliable vendors and suppliers for the oilfield industry.


Purity Oil’s Fleet & Their Services

In order to service their wide range of activities, they have a variety of different trucks in their fleet. Purity has about 85 Peterbilt class A tractors.

With those, they have a mix of slickback winch trucks and sleeper-equipped tractors to pull Dragon 3 axle vacuum tanker (or bottle) trailers.

They have a number of flatbed trailers as well. With this large fleet, they transport mostly oilfield fluids (fresh water, production water, drilling fluids, invert, etc.) except crude oil.

Purity transports frack tanks, moves heavy haul equipment and does full size rig moves. They have about 15 flatbed trailers that – for the most part – transport Petro Hunt drill pipe. The flat beds are also used to transport Schafer oilfield lubricant (in 275 gallon totes) from St. Louis, Missouri up to Douglas, Wyoming and Williston, North Dakota. From those two cities, the flat beds transport totes of customized lubricants to their customers who manufacture (frack and extract) various oilfield products, including crude oil and natural gas.

For their fleet of 58 CDL-licensed drivers, about 44 are kept in rotation to drive commercially and use BigRoad for their eLogs. Purity is permitted to run in about 13 states but are expanding quickly. As of the middle of October, Purity just serviced their first international customer in Fox Creek, Alberta. Schaeffer Oilfield Lubricants were transported from the Manufacture in St. Louis, Missouri.

Purity also has a mix of smaller “hot shot” trucks that service the smaller to intermediate delivery needs of the oilfields. Their commercial drivers in this department number anywhere from five to eight.


Transitioning Over from Paper Logs

Prior to BigRoad, Purity used paper logs and they were soundly disliked by everyone. Paper logs were very error-prone and tedious for their drivers to manage.

Knowing they needed a better solution for their logging needs, Purity began looking for an electronic logging solution in the summer of 2013. After sampling 3-4 systems however, they weren’t able to find a solution that satisfied their needs.

One of their drivers presented them with BigRoad and showed how he was using it for his daily logging. Having already used it for months  at a previous company, he showed Purity management the app and how it helped him with his logs. According to Cory, “we could very quickly see the strategic advantages.”

Purity switched over to BigRoad almost immediately. Within seven weeks, they rolled out the BigRoad application onto their corporate smartphones, which were already used for Omni Dispatch, an oilfield explicit dispatching application.

To ease the transition period for their fleet, Purity staged the roll out of the BigRoad app, starting with their more seasoned and accomplished drivers first. With the smooth transition and uptake of this first wave of users, they were quickly able to continue the roll out to the remaining drivers in their fleet.



How Was the Transition for the Drivers?

Overall, since the company was ready to move on from paper, the transition was well received by everyone. Purity’s driver demographic is of the age where they grew up with electronic devices, for the most part. Their adaptation to a handheld device that they can create, edit and document their hours of service logs, was very gratifying.

“The fact the BigRoad allows 14 days to edit and review a driver’s log, is extremely useful for us and our drivers,” stated Cory. “Additionally, the ‘Full Recap’ of the 70 hours in 8 days duty cycle, is extremely useful. In fact, we require our drivers keep it toggled on at all times.”

Being responsible for DOT Compliance at Purity, Cory ensured that this feature of the BigRoad app was adapted by all drivers going forward: “One driver complained that it took up too much room on the display of his smart phone, but that didn’t stop us from turning on the full recap for all our CDL drivers who are subject DOT logs.”


Ditching Paper to Use BigRoad

Purity has been using BigRoad since the summer of 2015 and have successfully transitioned their fleet to exclusively using our eLog solution.

It provides drivers with a simple solution to track their hours of service on existing corporate smartphones – and most importantly – they didn’t have to introduce any additional hardware when deploying the eLog app.

The BigRoad solution has also significantly improved their fleet management efficiencies. Purity is able to get real-time updates, driver location, document scans, trip reports and much more along with the eLogs for their fleet members.

Instead of waiting days or weeks for completed logs, they’re updated and accessible by Cory (pictured here), the dispatchers and fleet managers within minutes. The electronic signature and document capture features keep all the information legal, rock solid for an audit or inspection – and – in one centralized and easily accessible location.

This entire transition to BigRoad occurred because one of Purity’s drivers presented the app to company management. Now, with BigRoad firmly in place, Purity has a path to compliance with the upcoming ELD mandate as well as a technology foundation that will grow with them as their fleet and driver base expand.

We’ve had so many positive stories from users, both drivers and the back-end office staff. With over 300,000 downloads to date, BigRoad is the #1 driver app for Android and Apple devices, with a 4.7/5 star rating. If you’d like to share your BigRoad story, contact us at [email protected].


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