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Team Building 101: BigRoad Meets BATL Axe

BigRoad Meets BATL Axe (1)-1.png
Everyone at BigRoad has been working hard to prepare for when the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate takes effect. With the deadline quickly approaching, and some exciting new product updates underway, Team BigRoad has really been burnin’ that midnight oil!

BigRoad’s Big Night Out
We needed a break, and what better way to blow off steam than to throw sharp stuff at wood? And so, we traded our keyboards for axes and hit the BATL grounds. Check out the photos to see how we fared.


We started the night out with a practise round. Here’s our newest Account Manager, Nikki, testing out her skills with the axe.


Once we had a couple of trial throws, we dove right into the battle. Here’s one of Colin the Sales Guy facing off against Cohen the Software Guy.

Here’s our Commander-In-Chief, Mr. Colley Clarke, showing us all how it’s done with an early bulls-eye.


Accounting vs. Customer Support, did Sara or Debbie take home the gold? …No. But they sure did have fun trying!


Our Account Manager Matt is an old pro, he even owns his own axe! But he found some stiff competition in novice axe thrower/seasoned Marketing Maven Alicia. Check out that bulls-eye and matching plaid shirts!


Competition heated up as the night went on. Here’s Cohen again with our Sales Manager, Grant in the semi-finals. Who came out on top?


In the end, it came down to a battle of Software Engineers. David put up a good fight, but it was Cohen who took home the Golden Axe.


Here’s the motley crew expressing their disappointment with the results. Better luck next time, guys! Looking forward to more BigRoad HQ hijinks!

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