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Supporting More Trucks – BigRoad’s Latest Updates

The latest Android release of BigRoad (4.0.12)  is now available from the Play Store. As always, please make sure you download the latest version to ensure you get the best possible experience from BigRoad.

app_with_hand_2As of this release, DashLink supports more vehicles than ever. DashLink now works with most 2000 or later model heavy-duty trucks and motorcoaches with 9 or 6 pin connecters. We’ll be adding support to more and more vehicles during the year. To find out if your vehicle is supported or more information on DashLink please contact or customer support team at 1-888-305-8777 or [email protected].

Other DashLink-related changes include:

  • Duty status will change from driving to on-duty immediately when the engine is turned off.
  • Calibrate the DashLink odometer reading to match your dashboard odometer exactly.
  • DashLink equipped trucks are marked with the DashLink logo so you can find them easily when selecting a truck.

Non-DashLink users will no longer see a DashLink warning when your device has less than 10% power. We have also made a number of small changes to ensure BigRoad continues to run smoothly and improved support for devices running Android 5. Lastly, we‘ve also fixed an issue of signing during email/print of a log.

Even more great stuff

There are a few new features in the BigRoad web app as well. Members of multiple fleets can now see drivers from all of their fleets aggregated into a single view. You can now quickly see which vehicles in your fleet have a DashLink engine connection. All DashLink enabled trucks now have the DashLink logo by the truck name.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!