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Show Your Appreciation for Truck Drivers

This blog comes to us from Robin Smith who is a driver recruiter from Pro Fleet in Indiana.

Next week marks the start of the 2015 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which will run from September 13-19th, 2015.

Started by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) back in 1988, this is a week where Americans take the time to honour the importance of the truck driver and the hard work they do.

Trucking supports the backbone of the economy. We should be grateful for those professional men and women who ensure the products that make our lives more convenient are delivered safely and on time. Without them, the nation would be at a standstill.

The best things about writing a blog are being able to share what I know and being able to speak my peace. There are over 3 million men and women out there delivering the nation’s goods. Take the time next week to say thank you to a truck driver.


With that in mind, and in the spirit of Driver Appreciation Week, I have something to say:

  • If you hauled my groceries, tarped the shingles for my roof, or delivered my new boots, lipstick, blue jeans or nail polish…
  • If you took my phone call, listened to my pitch, filled out my application, or let me pull your MVR or check your DAC…
  • If you stopped by my desk, told me a joke, shared a picture of your family, or explained something to me about the equipment that I didn’t understand…
  • If your name is Tony, Matty, Maynard, Mr. Powell, Bobby J, Cooter Fluffy, Steven L, Tom H, or Dusty…
  • If you are one of the many drivers that is in my everyday life or if you are one of the many more that I will never meet…

You are a big part of why I have a life that I love. Thank you for the work that you do.

I appreciate it very much!

During the week, at ProFleet, we will be offering catered lunches daily for any driver that stops by our terminal. All ProFleet drivers will also receive a free travel toiletry kit. In addition, I will also be hitting the road. I’ll be visiting some of our major shippers as well as truck stops around Northern Indiana and handing out doughnuts to drivers.

Make sure you take some time out next week to thank a trucker for their hard work. Use these hashtags on social media to show your appreciation: #ThanksTruckers #NTDAW15

Has anyone gone out of their way to show
their appreciation for your work?