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Save Money Protecting Your High-End Assets

By knowing where your property is at all times and being able to check its status, you’ll not only be better protecting your assets—you’ll also discover a range of savings efficiencies. After all, your money is better spent furthering your business, not being wasted on unnecessary resources, and replacing lost items.

AT1 road construction site-01Start protecting your high-value assets today.  With an asset tracker, you can:

  1. Crack down on unauthorized activity

  2. Check your inventory in an instant

  3. Preserve perishables for longer

  4. Better allocate available resources

The brand new AT1 is one of the smallest and most affordable asset trackers on the market, so you won’t need a big upfront investment to begin protecting your high-value assets. 


Crack down on unauthorized activity

Thanks to the small size and low cost, you can fit the AT1 device to every asset you use, from trailers and machinery to tools and equipment. Using just your mobile smart device, you’re able to log in and check where your assets are at any time.

It means no more misusing vehicles after hours, which can quickly become a cost burden, and no more having to replace stolen or lost tools. If you do receive an alert, you’re able to react promptly to retrieve your property.

Check your inventory in an instant

In the fast-paced world of business, time is money. Having to set aside time at the end of each day to painstakingly investigate, check, and log the location and status of each inventory item is hardly the most streamlined way of doing things.

At the touch of a button, the AT1 gives you immediate visibility into where each asset is. Thanks to the reliable five-year battery life, and LTE-M network coverage, you’ll minimize time spent chasing up. What’s more, with the four onboard ambient sensors, you’ll be able to have complete peace of mind that not only are your vehicles, machinery, and equipment where they should be, but they’re also protected from heat, light, and humidity.

 AT1 sensors-01 Asset Tracking

Preserve perishables for longer

More than a GPS tracking device, the AT1’s four built-in ambient sensors give you better real-time visibility of your storage facilities’ and transport containers’ conditions. As well as a motion sensor, the AT1 is equipped with temperature, light, and humidity sensors, which can instantly alert you to unexpected changes in conditions caused by, for example, unwanted container door activity. By limiting unexpected spoilage, you can boost your bottom line.

Better allocate available resources

By being able to instantly see where your assets are at all times, you’ll also be able to better distribute your workload to the nearest available vehicles or machines—meaning less time wasted on travel to and from jobs, and more uptime available to take on new jobs. Overall, the increased return on the investment made possible by the AT1 is revolutionary.