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Roadcheck 2014 is Fast Approaching

We are now just a few days away from Roadcheck 2014. The inspection blitz will happen June 3rd to 5th, 2014. Are you ready?

Last year almost 3,000 drivers were placed out of service. If you want to protect yourself, there’s no time like the present to prepare. Take a look at the CVSA’s Roadcheck Checklist for some tips on passing inspection. 

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As a BigRoad user you have the tools you need to have flawless logbooks. Make sure to take another look at your logs before you go out on the road – are they all signed and error-free?

Do you have a printer in your cab for roadside printing? Now is the time to add one if you haven’t already.

Our advice: Practice printing using your cellular internet before you need to. Check out our page about printers to find out which ones will work with your device. 

Need to upgrade from messy paper logs?

 If you’re not already using BigRoad, check out our free electronic logbook app to keep your driver logs and ensure you don’t end up out of hours. Download it for free and you can get started right away. You can even fill in past days using the edit function.

If you have any questions, drop us a line: [email protected]. We’d be happy to help!


Have any comments on your experience with Roadcheck?