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Resolutions to Rock 2017

Resolutions to Rock 2017

2016 is a wrap! It was a challenging yet newsworthy year that, for many, won’t be remembered fondly. In what’s sure to be another winding road ahead for the trucking industry, what will 2017 bring? Set some resolutions to put yourself in the driver’s seat and rock your year!

Wash That Rig

Out with the old…in with the new. Keeping a clean truck is much like spring cleaning, you’ll feel so much better after! Besides, a messy truck is a red flag for a more in-depth inspection.

Start by organizing your documents into folders and finding a spot for everything. If you have nowhere to put it, toss it! Now it’s time to clean – change the air filters, dust, vacuum, and wash the windows. You’ll have a great view as you breathe in cleaner air.

Make Healthier Choices

Life on the road tends to promote unhealthy habits like sitting too much and plenty of fast food. Making healthier choices is not about losing weight but about feeling great. Here are some simple ideas that can really help:

  • drink water instead of soda
  • get a salad instead of fries
  • go easy on dressings, sauces, and gravies
  • pack healthy snacks like nuts or celery
  • aim to balance meals with the five food groups: fruit, vegetable, grain, dairy, protein

Up Your Inspections

It’s your responsibility to ensure your truck is safe. This year, why not add a few extra pre-inspection steps? It won’t take much more time and you’ll save money by avoiding potential violations. Overlooked items during an inspection include:

  • chocking wheels
  • checking brakes
  • stocking an emergency kit
  • checking seat belts
  • having paperwork completed and/or ready (permits, receipts, etc.)

Enjoy the Ride!

Few people travel as much as truckers yet it’s easy to get caught up doing paperwork and rushing to the next destination. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the little things. Use your off-duty time to visit a local attraction, try a new restaurant, or even take a selfie of your travels to share with friends and family. You can even share your picture with us and we’ll post it onto our social media channels!

Stop Waiting to Get Compliant

This is it, people! This is the year the ELD mandate goes into effect after surviving the OOIDA lawsuit. It’s time to start researching your options to meet ELD compliance before the December 18, 2017 deadline.

Need help finding the right solution? BigRoad’s got your back! We’ve been providing industry-leading compliance solutions to drivers and fleets for over 5 years. As a trusted and reputable provider, you can be confident in the performance of our DashLink ELD. We invite you to setup a free demo so that you can experience how easy compliance can be.