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Resetting the 34-Hour Reset

good_news_34_hourFor a lot of you out there, the changes made a year and a half ago to the 34-hour reset rule have been nothing but a convoluted pain in the neck. Thankfully these rulings, for the time being, have been suspended.

The bill has been passed that effectively rollbacks these provisions. You can once again restart your cycle by taking your 34-hour reset at any time. There is no longer any need to worry that your reset period could last as long as 51 hours. No more waiting once every 168 hours to the second for you next reset. No more inclusion of two 1 – 5 am periods. 34 hours is 34 hours!

An Aspirin for Your Hours of Service Headache

The latest version of BigRoad for Android now includes the changes to the 34-hour reset rules. This is a huge change to the rules and we wanted to ensure BigRoad reflected these changes as quickly as we could. When you update the app, the rule change will be applied retroactively so that any resets started December 17th or later will use the simplified rule. The iOS version is ready to go but could get held up in the rush before Apple’s scheduled iTunes shutdown from December 22 – 29th. 

More BigRoad Improvements

There are a few more improvements in the latest version of BigRoad. We’ve made a number of fixes that provide better Android 5 support. If you fax your logs, you now get an immediate warning when trying to fax without an internet connection. Also, we renamed the 16-hour “BigDay” exemption for better clarification. 

We have added a couple new features to the BigRoad web app. You now have the ability to edit your logs from the web app. Also, the UI for the messaging system has been simplified to reduce accidental large group conversations. 

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at [email protected]