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Relieving 34-Hour Reset Headache with BigRoad

34hourheadacheOne of the questions I am often asked regarding the BigRoad trucking app is, “why haven’t I received my 34-hour reset”? Users will be off for 34 hours but their 60 or 70 hour clock doesn’t reset and they feel short handed from their time.

As of July 1, 2013, the truck driver hours of service regulations were changed to include three main rules that govern 34-hour resets. I am going to go over these renewed rules so that you will no longer be confused and become a cycle-reset expert!

  1. The off duty time must be at least 34 hours of continuous off duty time – BigRoad calculates this down to the minute.
  2. The off duty time must include two separate periods of 1:00am-5:00am – Both periods of 1am-5am must be included during the time you were eligible for a reset.
  3. You can have only one 34-hour reset in any 168-hour period – 168 hours is a week measured in hours and again BigRoad measures this down to the minute.

If you look at your last reset on your driver logs, the Remarks section will tell you exactly when your reset started and ended. When you see the last time you received a cycle reset, just Add 168 hours to the time your last reset started or a week from that date and that’s the soonest another reset period can start. Even if you went off duty before that time, the reset can’t start counting earlier and all 3 rules must be met for the reset to complete.

There are two ways you can access your daily logs to view the Remarks section:

  1. Online – Sign into the control panel at, select the driver’s tab, click the driver’s name. From here select the Daily Logs tab and cycle through the dates to find the right log.
  2. From the App – Go to daily logs, edit logs. Use the arrows at the top to go through the dates. You can see Remarks under the Driver’s Daily Log section

androidrecapLooking at the Remarks section is a great to see the exact time your last cycle reset occurred. On your log you can also see your Availability, which shows you how long you have on your shift, how much drive time you have and how long your cycle lasts.

Alternatively, you can also look at the On Duty Recap to see how many hours you have available. This feature is not turned on by default and can only be turned on in the app. To turn on the Recap feature from the app go to Daily Logs, then Edit Logs and scroll down to the Recap button. From here select Full to see the status of the last seven days. Once the Recap is set it will be available on all your future logs and you will also be able to see the details from the web admin panel.

Planning ahead can save a lot of heartache

Another issue that comes up is how to change when a cycle resets happen in BigRoad. Sometimes drivers find themselves stuck in a rut when their cycle resets the same time weekly, but it’s not their preferred time. How you would change this is by planning ahead to decide on when the most convenient time would be for you to change your cycle reset.

To change when your cycle reset happens, you would go without a reset for a while and then take one at the preferred time.

Sometimes that can be difficult so another tip is to clock some on-duty time on your days off when you would normally of had a reset. Even if it’s just one or two minutes it will make sure a reset doesn’t happen when you don’t want it.

So now go take a look at your remarks section by signing in online if you’re unsure of when your reset should occur.