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Rejoice Apple Users – BigRoad gets an Update

It’s a pretty exciting time for BigRoad users with Apple devices. We’ve just released our latest version that features a lot of updates to improve your experience as well as some new rule sets and driver exemptions.

iOS_dashboard_1_thumbFirst up, we have improved support for full-screen and specific screen layouts on iPad. This means BigRoad will no longer be stretched to fit the screen, but instead it will display at a native iPad resolution.

With the recent release of iOS 8, we’ve made a number of small changes to better support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These improvements take full advantage of the higher definition displays on these devices.

Previously, Apple device users have only been able to use BigRoad in portrait mode. That is no longer the case! You can now use BigRoad in landscape mode. Landscape mode is activated when you tip your device on it’s side to see eveything in a widescreen view. This will give you a much better view of your daily log graph, making it larger and easier to read.

We’ve also made improvements to some of the description text in the settings. Previously, in some places the text was truncated and could lead to confusion. Now you can see the full description text, so it is a lot easier to read and understand.

Finally, we have also added some new rules and exemptions to the iOS app. You can now find options for these:

  • Exemption to 30-minute rest break rule (i.e. for livestock haulers)
  • Improved 30-minute rest break rule for oilfield operations
  • California 112 hour duty cycle for farm operations

BigRoad is committed to providing you with the best electronic log experience and we are constantly improving our product to meet your needs. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about future updates.