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PSP Scores – 8 Facts You Need to Know

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The Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) was created by the FMCSA in an effort to streamline information accessibility and increase the safety of both drivers and carriers. PSP allows for a driver’s safety performance information to be readily available electronically. They are often incorrectly referred to as driver CSA scores.

Listed under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act, PSP was mandated by Congress. This information is accessible by potential employers, industry service providers and drivers. Effectively, the program provides a snapshot of a commercial driver’s safety record that can be used as a reference by potential employees.

Here are some facts about the Pre-Employment Screening Program:

1. What is PSP?

PSP stands for Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). Established in 2010, this program allows prospective carriers, industry personnel and drivers review drivers’ safety records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

2. How does PSP affect me as a driver?

As a driver, your PSP record includes the most recent 5 years of crash data and the most recent 3 years of roadside inspection data from the FMCSA and MCMIS database.

This should translate to job security and the likelihood of a driver being hired with an excellent PSP record as opposed to one that does not.

3. How does PSP affect carriers?

As a carrier inquiring into a PSP record would be much like doing a reference check for a prospective employee. A driver with an excellent PSP record should translate into fewer potential driver issues, anticipated performance expectations and above all due diligence in hiring the best person for the job.

4. Why does PSP matter?

It is important to be vigilant of your PSP record because it is your business-wide reference check. It is also important to know your PSP record status to ensure it’s accuracy to make sure your record is up to date.

Keeping drivers with excellent PSP records on the road allows drivers and carriers to ensure quality and optimal work performance. Therefore, improving productivity and safety for everyone.

5. Can anyone access my PSP scores?

No. The user must give consent to allow another account holder (i.e. potential employer) access to your scores.

6. Is it mandatory to use the PSP program as a driver or a potential hiring company?

No. The PSP program is voluntary for both drivers and carriers.

While the PSP program is not mandatory there is something to be said about transparency when applying for a job. Also, if you have an excellent driving record why not put that front and center for your potential employer?

7. How do I access my PSP?

For $10 you can get a copy of your PSP record from the FMCSA’s PSP web portal. Before you start the process be aware that you will also need to provide your current driver’s license number as well as each driver’s license number you’ve held in the last five years. Alternatively you can get a free copy by submitting a privacy act request directly to the FMCSA.

8. How carriers access my PSP?

A carrier must enroll for a PSP account in order to be granted access to the PSP online service. It is important to remember that any request they make for PSP reports must have the driver’s consent.