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New Tech Makes Weigh Station Bypass Easier

drivewyzeWe know that truckers who use BigRoad like saving money and reducing hassles while they’re on the road. So we’d like to introduce you to our new friend, Drivewyze!

This helpful trucker app provides weigh station bypasses at over 400 fixed and mobile inspection sites in 29 states. For drivers, bypassing scales saves time, saves money and reduces weigh station hassles. For fleets, bypasses provide increased efficiencies and better ROI – without the trouble of managing transponders.

Drivewyze is unique because it doesn’t require a transponder. Instead, your smartphone or tablet uses existing cellular networks to transmit bypass requests at weigh stations. This means that truckers now have a choice in bypass providers, beyond the traditional transponder based programs.

Drivewyze has been designed with safety in mind, and is fully automated, hands-free and FMCSA compliant.

Try Drivewyze for free! Download the app to start your 30 day, risk free trial Android & iOS.

 Interested in Drivewyze for your fleet?

Call Drivewyze: 1-888-988-1590
Or send them an email: [email protected]

See How One Owner Operator Saved $8,800 in just 12 months

Owner-Operator Mike Shatney, who hauls milk throughout the eastern seaboard, had a pull-in rate of just 3% over the last year – 1,053 bypass opportunities with 1,021 granted – thanks to Drivewyze.

On average, Shatney has about 60 bypasses a month, and has saved nearly $8,800 in time and fuel over the last 12 months. That works out to 85 hours in time savings, and 408 gallons of fuel saved. Despite those savings, Shatney says that the reward in using mobile-based inspection bypass is more than just the fuel he’s saving.

“For me, the reward comes from getting good loads, and the ability to bypass while others are stuck waiting to go through weigh stations,” he added. “It saves me anywhere from 20 minutes to half an hour at each weigh station.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Mike Shatney’s experience with Drivewyze.