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Motorcoach Compliance and Safety – What Can BigRoad Do For Me?

Last week several BigRoad staff members had the pleasure of attending the United Motorcoach Association Expo in Los Angeles and boy are we excited about motorcoaches. It was great to meet so many of the passenger carrying fleets who use and love our software!

We noticed the buzz about safety and compliance was present throughout the expo and were lucky enough to attend a few info sessions about safety and compliance in bussing. We also noticed that they’re always lumped together as “safety and compliance” and wanted to address the two topics separately, examining what each one means to you and your business in the motorcoach industry.

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Photo courtesy of Zigazou

Safety and compliance are vitally important aspects of your business and the two can be quite closely related, but they are also very different. Ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers is obviously incredibly important. We’re reminded just how crucial it is to drive safely every time we see reports of collisions on the news. 

Compliance, however, is usually made up of paperwork and it can be more difficult to see the direct effect of the time spent maintaining compliance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is calling for all passenger carriers to “Put safety first, profits second” and Operation Quick Strike means there is an extra high risk of consequences for inadequate compliance as well as safety violations.

Check out our follow-up blog post Motorcoach Compliance and Safety – How BigRoad Can Help to find out how BigRoad can help you stay safe and protect your CSA score.