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March Poll Results


Each month we’ll be running a poll to gain insight into hot topics within the transportation industry. Simply share your opinion on the matter for a chance to win a BigRoad On The Road Prize Pack! Poll results and winners are announced at the end of each month. Our April Poll is now posted. Submit your answers for a chance to win! 


March Poll Results: The ELD Mandate & You
Congratulations to our March Poll Winner – Peter at PDP Trucking Incorporated! We’ll be mailing out your BigRoad On the Road Prize Pack soon!

For our March Poll, we asked you about how you think the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will impact your operations. We received an even better response than last month – see what your peers in the industry had to say!


First we asked people what they’re currently using to track their hours of service (HOS). 57% of respondents are currently using the BigRoad Mobile App and 8% have already transitioned to DashLink – BigRoad’s ELD-ready ABORD! Surprisingly, 24% are still using paper logs! 

Next we asked people when they plan on making the switch to an ELD. 40% of respondents are planning on making the transition within the next 6 months and 15% said within 6 – 18 months. However, 25% are planning to wait until the last minute.

If you’re part of the 25% that are planning to wait – keep in mind that many of your peers are making the switch sooner. This puts them ahead of you in terms of improving their CSA scores, building relationships with shippers, and getting the technology in their hands. 

Our third question asked if you think ELDs will make your job harder or easier. More than half of respondents said that ELDs will make their jobs easier. The other half were not sure if ELDs would make a difference or felt it would make their jobs harder. ELDs create many efficiencies for fleets and drivers including automatically tracking drive time, ensuring data accuracy, and providing more in-depth analytics for reporting. 


Lastly, we wanted to learn about what ELD benefits people are looking forward to the most. The majority of respondents felt the ELDs would simplify their HOS tracking, improve accuracy, and reduce the number of violations issued. A complete infographic can be found here.

If you’re like most people we’ve talked to, you’re looking to make the switch to ELD sooner, rather than later. Check out DashLink – BigRoad’s AOBRD – and get on the path to ELD compliance today! We guarantee you’ll be fully ELD compliant, at no extra cost to you, well before the ELD mandate deadline. Why wait? Check out a demo today!

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