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Logistics and robots… an imminent future?

The latest rage in product distribution is the use of robotics and drones to make deliveries. Both Amazon and Google have been exploring these engineering opportunities and how they can affect the lives of millions.

Robot truck

Technology has made major advances in recent years, only to pave the way for more life-like machines. Have you ever thought about all the areas on your life in which robots have taken a role? Of course there’s the mainstream media – comic books, television, movies, videogames – but how about in operating rooms, amusement parks or car washes? We live in a fast-paced society that thrives on saving time and that welcomes increased efficiency. 

So how willing are you to let a robot into your home, office, car or life in general? Yes they may make life easier for us on a day-to-day basis, but what about the humans that they are replacing? In some cases, replacing a human with a robot has been beneficial for society. For example, robots have been present in the medical field for years – they have helped doctors save lives of countless of people. How about the benefits of having a robotic presence in production plants? Or battlefields? Robotic technology already has a major presence in our lives.  

When it comes to logistics and supply chain management, it seems that society is welcoming robots with open arms. “Drones” are a hot topic lately. The word is plastered in all forms of media. Amazon has recently announced a delivery drone for your purchases in order to speed up the purchasing process. But what does this new technology mean for truck drivers? Is this a step towards eliminating the need for the trucking industry altogether?

We already know that plans are underway to populate highways with drone road trains or driverless trucks. Is this a job that robots should take over? Is there a job a robot can’t do? All these questions come to mind when thinking of our society’s future.

Here’s an interesting article from the BBC that discusses Google’s advance in robotic technology.