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Introducing The BigRoad Referral Program

Earn $75 with the BigRoad Referral ProgramImagine you could earn $75 for every trucker friend you had? With BigRoad, you can! The BigRoad Referral Program is an exciting way for truckers and friends of truckers to refer their friends to DashLink, the #1 choice for ELD compliance, while they both earn rewards!

With the BigRoad Referral Program, It Pays to Have Friends!


The BigRoad Referral Program is open to the public – anyone can participate! Participants will earn a $75 reward for each friend they refer to BigRoad who purchases a DashLink ELD. Their friend will earn a $25 reward for becoming a BigRoad customer.

Rewards for successful referrals will be issued through Tango Card, a digital reward company, and are redeemable for e-gift cards at over 75 retailers, or pre-paid credit cards. Just imagine what you could buy! To check out the full reward catalog and start pre-planning your purchases now, click here.

Read our press release for more information on the program here. To look through the contest terms and conditions, click here

How the BigRoad Referral Program Works

STEP 1: Register and Refer

BigRoad Referral Program
Register to participate in the program! Once you register, you’ll be given a unique URL that you can easily share with your trucker friends through email, text, social media, or your personal website.

STEP 2: The Friend Purchases a DashLink ELD

BigRoad Referral Program

Using the your unique URL, your friend will visit the BigRoad website and purchase a DashLink ELD – it’s a simple, affordable and flexible way for them to acheive ELD mandate compliance!

STEP 3: You get $75, They Get $25!

BigRoad Referral Program

You both get paid! Once your friend becomes a BigRoad customer, you will get a $75 reward and your friend will get a $25 reward. Rewards are redeemable for an e-gift card or pre-paid credit card of their choice. There’s something for everyone!

Why BigRoad is Giving Truckers BIG Rewards
A lot of truckers are concerned with how the ELD mandate will affect their income. BigRoad wanted to find a way to make the ELD mandate more affordable for truckers, while at the same time ensuring they are getting the best ELD solution possible! 

BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is the #1 choice in ELD mandate compliance for a reason. Drivers and fleets love BigRoad because it is driver-friendly and easy-to-use, it’s flexible – it can be used as an ELD, or a more flexible AOBRD, and it’s one of the most affordable solutions on the market! And now, by recommending it, truckers are able to earn the money they spend on ELDs back – and then some! 

Join the BigRoad Referral Program Now!

Are you ready to start earning some money off of the ELD mandate? Don’t wait! Register for the BigRoad Referral Program and start earning BIG rewards today!