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Introducing DashLink – Engine Connected Logs Made Easy

DashLink_word_markYou may have heard about it from the rumor mill, or seen it during a rare public appearance, but now we are finally ready to let one of BigRoad’s worst kept secrets out of the bag.

We are excited to officially announce DashLink, BigRoad’s option for engine connected logs. DashLink works seamlessly with the existing BigRoad app and is an electronic logging device (ELD) ready.

It provides an inexpensive alternative to costly embedded on-board recorders (EOBRs) and can be installed in seconds. It’s the easiest and most flexible way to create compliant engine-connected electronic logs.

BigRoad’s DashLink gives you full cross-vehicle compatibility. Drivers can easily switch between DashLink-equipped vehicles and vehicles without DashLink with no issues. In trucks not using the DashLink device, BigRoad’s electronic logbook app can still be used as a replacement for paper logs.

Why should I Use DashLink instead of an Electronic Logbook?

bigroad-on-devices-dashlinkTrucks configured with the DashLink device provide a much more accurate record of driving time than an electronic logbook as the logging process is automated. Other key features are:

  • Logs are easier to create
  • Improved accuracy
  • No printer required in vehicle
  • Easier roadside inspections and back-office audits
  • Provides engine diagnostics information to BigRoad app

A DashLink equipped vehicle can also be monitored for engine use, road speed and distance driven.

What does ELD ready mean?

You may be aware of that the FMCSA’s final ruling of ELD Mandate is set to be published in 2015. Once all the details have been published, BigRoad will be able to update DashLink to ensure it’s fully compliant. If you would like to know more about the ELD mandate and how it will affect your business download our free eBook The ELD Mystery.


How do I get DashLink?

The DashLink device is available to BigRoad subscribers for $10 per device per month. During this initial release phase, DashLink is only available for Android users. To learn more about DashLink and BigRoad electronic logs please request a DashLink Demo or call your account manager at1-888-305-8777.