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Improved Support in the latest BigRoad Update

supportandfeedback-1The latest version of BigRoad for Android (4.0.18) is now available. Make sure you always have the latest version of BigRoad installed to take advantage of new features and enhancements. Here’s what you can find in the latest version.

The big change we’ve made in this version is to improve DashLink diagnostics. This gives our support team a much better ability to identify and fix any issues you may encounter in the field. To back this up, you can now send a Support and Feedback email directly from the settings menu. Sending an email using this feature also attaches important diagnostic data from the app. This information can be critical in helping our support team determine what the issue is and how to fix it.

We’ve also added more flexibility around signing and submitting logs when using DashLink. You can now continue AOBRD driving on a day that is already signed, but not amended, by un-signing it automatically.

Finally, this version now allows you to create a new DVIR inspection on a signed day that has no previous inspections.

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