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How to Position Your Business Better with Today’s Fleet Technology

As a fleet manager or owner, you probably have some concerns about not seeing the full picture. This is where telematics comes in. It completes the picture for you by filling in the gaps in lack of visibility. Now, with proper data leverage, you can make well-informed decisions, accommodate different agendas with more ease, and gain a competitive advantage over the same business in your field. Read on!

Fleet management software gives you the insight you need into most of your business practices. It can help you make business operations more efficient and cost effective by gathering crucial data from your vehicles and connected devices, providing real-time updates, reports and analysis. 

For example, you can monitor all your sensor and vehicle data – like fuel and oil level sensors, engine (ECM), break activity, trouble codes – as well as which drivers are on duty, where they are at the given moment, how they are driving, how close they are to the loading dock or client’s location.

This helps you see everything that happens in the field – currently and historically. You can be more flexible with changing your priorities, make better business decisions, gain significant savings and get ahead of the competition.

Even better, all of your fleet information is on one screen requiring no switching back and forth between different systems. This means that if you have additional assets connected to the fleet management platform or integrated a video recording solution, Vision, you will see all of those resources on the same mobile map with status updates. 

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Vision trip dashboard

Plus you can schedule a variety of customized reports than can improve the management of your operations and in-field staff, or help identify areas of opportunity. Your reports can be pre-set to be as detailed or generic as you want and feature those areas of fleet running that interest you most. With the help of this information, you can get an overview of vehicle performance, working hours, sensor readings and previously recorded events, as well as analyze your fleet’s fuel consumption, mileage, driver behavior and time efficiency

Having optimal visibility into all corners of your business operations, you get the answers to the issues that you’re currently experiencing, or develop new models of operation that will allow you to do more with the same number of resources.

For example, you could identify that the number of vehicles in your fleet is too great, being underused while still costing you in maintenance and upkeep. By right-sizing your fleet you can reallocate that budget into a different segment of your business or invest into additional tools that will help you improve your bottom line.

Harsh breaking video capture.

It can also help you cater better customer service for you client base. You’re dispatchers will be equipped with all of the needed information on your fleet drivers, their current location, ETA and issues that arise on route. With one look at the screen, they can identify the closest available driver to the job or customer and call in directly them. Fleet tracking software is also equipped with crash detectors, so in case of a traffic collision, you’ll be notified straight away and resolve the situation faster. 

You also get notified if your stationary assets are misplaced or being used outside of working hours. This allows you to protect your assets from theft and create a safer environment for your employees. You can also notify your customers immediately of any unexpected changes.

Thanks to automation, you can also simplify administrative processes for you staff, removing the excess and the outdated. Removing complexities from your day-to-day work will help improve the reliability and resiliency of your business. You can start focusing on growing your business and attaining your financial goals though the efficiencies that save you time and money.

As more and more fleet businesses implement these technologies, don’t fall behind! Get ahead of the curve to gain a competitive advantage in you field. With our fleet and asset management platform you will provide a better and faster service to your clients, while still using the same amount of resources.

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