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How to Keep Perfect Logs Webinar Recap

How_to_Keep_Perfect_Logs.pngLast week, BigRoad hosted a webinar on how to keep perfect logs and ensure they’re inspection-ready. Joining the webinar was Debbie Fapo, a member of the BigRoad Support Team. Debbie demonstrated how to best utilize the features of the BigRoad Mobile App in order to produce clean logs. If you missed the webinar, check out the recording.


BigRoad_roi_audit_Image6-01.pngKeeping Perfect Logs

This webinar reviews some of the common mistakes drivers make when completing their logs including form and manner errors. Small errors can add up and have some pretty serious consequences. Having a process in place to ensure logs are accurate and compliant is crucial for drivers and fleets.

Using a tool like the BigRoad Mobile App can help eliminate simple errors through automatic calculations and notifications. The webinar goes into detail about how the features of the BigRoad Mobile App can help improve your operations. If you haven’t discovered the BigRoad Mobile App yet, start your free trial today!

Next Steps in Logbooks: ELDs

bigroad-dashlink-300x287.pngWith the recent publication of the ELD mandate, many drivers and fleets have begun their transition to ELDs. The FMCSA states that transitioning to ELDs will create a safer work environment for drivers while making it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share logbooks. The ELD mandate requires that logs be generated via an engine-connection which will also reduce fraudulent entries and put fleets and drivers on an even playing field.

At this point, there aren’t many ELDs on the market available to purchase (if any) that actually meet the complete requirements set out by the FMCSA in the final ruling publication. Why is that? The FMCSA just recently provided these specifications to manufacturers outlining what is required to be labelled an official ELD. Manufacturers are working diligently towards changing/updating/creating products to meet these new specifications by the ELD mandate deadline date. 

If a device doesn’t have all of the specifications, but is engine-connected, it is considered an AOBRD (automatic on-board recording device). Under the ELD mandate, if you’re currently using paper logs or electronic logs, you need to switch to an AOBRD no later than December 18, 2017. From there, you’ll need to transition to an ELD by December 17, 2019

How BigRoad Can Help

The first step on your path to compliance is switching over to an AOBRD. DashLink, BigRoad’s AOBRD solution, is the simplest and easiest way to produce compliant
engine-connected electronic logs. Currently compliant with US (395.15) and Canadian (SOR-2005 313) regulations, we guarantee full ELD compliance, at no extra cost to you, well before the ELD deadline. Make DashLink the last ELD purchasing decision you’ll have to make! Request a demo and see DashLink in action!