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HOS Webinar Series: Examining the Top HOS Questions


Over the last few months BigRoad has held a number of webinars devoted to covering everything hours of service (HOS). With our latest webinar, we tried to provide a summary of all the questions that we found popping up throughout this webinar series. A recording can be found below.

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How BigRoad Can Help

A lot of the questions that we have been asked during this webinar series focused on ELDs and the ELD mandate. The first step on your path to ELD compliance is switching over to an AOBRD. DashLink, BigRoad’s AOBRD solution, is the simplest and easiest way to produce compliant engine-connected electronic logs.

Currently compliant with US (395.15) and Canadian (SOR-2005 313) regulations, we guarantee full ELD compliance, at no extra cost to you, well before the ELD deadline! Make DashLink the last ELD purchasing decision you’ll have to make! Request a demo and see DashLink in action!