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HOS: Rules and Exemptions Webinar


The last in our 3 part series, BigRoad’s HOS: Rules and Exemptions webinar covered the basics of staying compliant for OTR drivers. It also covered what the ELD mandate means for complying with hours of service rules.

If you missed the webinar, check out the recording…


The Big Issues

A big issue when it comes to compliance is just interpreting the rules correctly. The FMCSA rules can be confusing if you aren’t exactly sure what rule set you fall into. This has been compounded in recent months by concerns over the ELD mandate. There is a lot of confusion over who will have to use an ELD and why.The rule of thumb to remember is if you have to complete paper logs today you will likely need to use an ELD. But to help clarify things BigRoad has created this ELD ebook


Questions and Answers

How do the new rules apply for a company that just drivers provincially and doesn’t cross international or provincial boundaries?

As of right now the new rules are only applicable to those driving in the United States. However the Canadian government, has recently expressed interest in implementing a similar rule, it will be important over the next couple years to keep update on the changes they decide to make.


What is the total cost for each truck/driver with Big Road. Are there any hidden fees at start up?

For a BigRoad fleet the cost is $15/per driver/per month. There are no hidden fees to worry about. If you would like to run engine connected with DashLink, the cost is $10/month/device.bigroad


Is there any Equipment available to attach to the truck onboard computer that will work with a tablet or phone? 

To connect BigRoad directly to your truck you can use DashLink, which plugs into the truck diagnostic port and connects via Bluetooth to your device.


What do we do about compliance with only 1-5 drivers?

The rules for hours of service and the ELD mandate don’t offer any exemptions based on number of drivers. You need to be sure that you are complying with the regulations just like the big companies.

Is there any way to a complete DVIR in this application?

Yes, BigRoad allows you to complete a DVIR from the edit logs screen.


Will ELDs be requires for hot shot load companies?

If you meet the requirements for being a commercial vehicle, and don’t meet another exemption, then you will be required to use ELDs.


Seasonal drivers, drives for 2 weeks out of the year each year. How to cover this on an ELD? 

The ELD mandate has an exemption for drivers who don’t drive more than 8 days in any rolling 30 day period. So as long as your drivers aren’t driving that 2 weeks in the same 30 day period they will fall under this exemption.


If all of your trips will be under 100 miles (each trip) will an ELD still be required?

No, the ELD mandate has an exemption for Short Haul drivers.


What about personal conveyance while on ELD’s?

BigRoad allows the use of personal conveyance with DashLink. When personal conveyance is turned on at the fleet level drivers will have the option to chose personal driving from their application.


Does the mandate require the Dashboard installation units?

There will be many ways that an ELD can be installed but basically it has to be connected to the engine somehow. Most commonly, and is the case with BigRoad’s DashLink, the ELD will connect to the ECM (Diagnostic port).


To qualify for the ABORD exemption (2 additional years after ELD mandate) didn’t you already have to be using an ABORD prior to the ELD mandate being issued?

No you need to be using an AOBRD by the effective date of the mandate on Dec. 18th, 2017.


Is there a exemption for trucks manufactured on or before the year of 2000?

Yes the ELD mandate allows for the exemption of vehicles manufactured prior to 2000.



Can you go over the requirements of printers with ELDs or AOBRD? 

The good news is with any engine connected log you won’t be required to have a printer.


Our drivers fall under the short haul exemption most of the time, but they do go over and have to complete logs usually once or twice a week. Will we have to get ELDs or are we exempt?

In this situation you will likely fall into the 8/30 exemption. This exemption states that a driver doesn’t need an ELD if they don’t drive long haul more than 8 days in any 30.


How long is the BigRoad trial?

You can start a free 30-day trial of BigRoad here.