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HOS – Passenger vs Property Webinar

PassengervsProperty.pngA lot of the time it is the simple misconceptions that cause the big mistakes. This is particularly true when it comes to Hours of Service. HOS rules are complicated at the best of times and can be a nightmare if you aren’t familiar with them. This is why we are running our multi-session HOS webinar series.

Part one of the series was all about Passenger vs Property carriers. Watch the recording below and check out the answers to some of the questions we received.


Can you explain a little bit on the 70/8day rule?

The 70/8 rule refers to the number of on-duty hours a driver has in any 8 day period in this case 70 hours. Once a driver has been on duty for 70+ hours in a period of 8 days they cannot drive until their number of hours has dropped below this. Of course property carriers can take a 34-hour restart.

If you drive hotshot loads will driver be required to do logs?

If you fall under the FMCSA criteria for a commercial vehicle then yes. You can see the criteria on this page:

Did I hear right? Under personal conveyance that driving to the bus garage is considered “on-duty” time? Is this in your personal vehicle as well?

Personal Conveyance only refers to personal driving in a commercial vehicle, driving your personal vehicle (provided it doesn’t qualify as a commercial vehicle) isn’t affected by this. If you are driving a commercial vehicle to work it won’t count as personal conveyance though in some situations you may be able to drive it home after work.

Will cell phones be compliant with ELD mandate?

Yes, if they are used in conjunction with and engine connected device, such as DashLink and fulfill all other criteria of an ELD as published in the ELD mandate.

Will iOS have a DashLink available soon?

This is a top priority for BigRoad, we will have an iOS ready DashLink soon.

When u cross border to Canada at 14 hour and 11 hr USA limit how many hours can you still work and drive?

Regardless of which country you are going into you need to make sure that you are within that countries rules for HOS. Going into Canada this means you are going to have to have 14 days worth of logs. BigRoad lets you simply switch your rules to Canadian or American with a simple setting.

We are a small company, who will have to run the ELD’s and will the paper logs still be an option?

There are no size exemptions for the ELD mandate. This means that even owner operators are going to be required to use an ELD. 

Are they editable logs and will they show that they have been edited?

If you are just using the BigRoad electronic logbook the logs are fully editable. If used in conjunction with DashLink our engine connected device, only no driving time will be editable.

Our drivers stay within the 100 mile radius most of the time daily, would we need ELDs? We do deliver once in a while longer distances, would paper logs be sufficient for those runs and for how long?

The ELD mandate gives a rule of 8 days in any 30 can be driven outside of the 100 mile radius without having to use an ELD. If your drivers are outside of that radius more that that you will want to have an ELD.

If you only work 10 hour shifts do you need to take a reset since you’ll never be over 70 in 7 days. 

That’s right you wouldn’t need to worry about a reset since you will never hit the most of your hours.

How far can someone drive on personal conveyance miles and when is it appropriate to do so? If I’m only 20 miles away from my home but out of time as far as the 14-hour rule due to getting loaded or unloaded can I not just go home?

As long as you are completely unlaiden (this usually means running bobtail in a rig) you should be fine to label this time as personal conveyance. There is no set limit for distance that can be used in personal conveyance. 

Do the hours of service change when running local or within 100 air miles?

The hours do not change, but you are not required to keep a record of duty status. 

What about new trucks in the fleet that can’t be completely integrated into an ELD system? We have a 2010 hino that won’t connect.

BigRoad does support Hino trucks so you should be ok. In the event that your truck isn’t able to support an ELD we expect clarification on some of the wording in the ELD mandate to come from the FMCSA soon.

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