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Hey truckers! There’s a drop in the number of cargo thefts!!

According to the numbers released this week by FreightWatch International, the number of cargo thefts spanning from December 2012 through to February 2013 dropped by 20%.

Not only that, but the average value per load stolen dropped 39% to $133,711 from September to November. Here’s some more stats from the article found on

– The most common loads to be stolen were food and drink cargo followed by electronics

– Top 5 states for cargo theft: Florida, Texas, Georgia, California and New Jersey

– Unsecured parking accounted for 61% of thefts and facility thefts made up for 9% thefts

– Trailer thefts and deceptive pickups accounted for the majority of cargo stolen

– Violent thefts i.e. hijacking rates were low


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