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Good News for Cross-Border Truckers/Travellers!

For those of you who cross the US-Canada border on a regular basis, good news! Transport Canada announced yesterday that there would be $80 million in border upgrades.

Unfortunately only 3 crossings with be seeing improvements: Ontario’s Lansdowne crossing, Saskatchewan’s North Portal crossing, and Manitoba’s Emerson crossing. These three crossings were identified as key border crossings in the Canada-US “Beyond the Border Action Plan.” 

The funding for the projects, initially announced in Ottawa’s 2013 budget, is part of a $2.1-billion Gateways and Border Crossings Fund (GBCF), a federal program that aims to improve Canada’s flow of goods and people. Transport Canada said that GBCF infrastructure funding “targets projects that increase the productivity and efficiency of strategic transportation assets.”

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Emerson Border Crossing