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Good job America, your game changing technology is awesome!

Happy 4th of July! While celebrating America’s 237th birthday, take a look at the game changing technology that was born in this great country. It is a small sample, but the these 12 inventions are actually pretty awesome.

I found this interesting and somewhat humorous article entitled “12 Badass American Inventions that Changed History” which actually turned out to be quite interesting. Here’s the inventions that made Max Knoblauch’s ( top 12 – you may be surprised! “From rockets to Roombas, swivel chairs to Macintosh computers, these inventions are not only inspiring, but also show how far we’ve come since 1776.”

1. The Transistor

2. Voyager 1

3. The Saturn V Rocket

4. The Cyclotron Atom-Smasher

5. The Swivel Chair

6. The Inflatable Tank

7. The Roomba

8. The Arpanet

9. The Curiosity Mars Rover

10. Sketchpad

11. The Macintosh 128K

12. 3D Printing

Of course we don’t use some of these inventions in our daily lives, but they have paved the way for ones that we do. It is truly amazing how far the human race has come in such a short period of time. Yes we still have many things yet to accomplish, but think for a moment of what we have done that would have seemed to be humanly impossible just a few years back. We have learned to fly, cheat death, explore the world’s deepest oceans, measure time, communicate worldwide (instantly), record sound etc.. Not bad guys not bad.  

Not Bad Meme

Here’s a LINK to the full article. Happy 4th of July!!