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Get Your Fleet Onboard with ELDs

In recent years, fleets have experienced unprecedented challenges that have impacted their operations. The majority of these challenges have revolved around drivers – from the shortage of skilled operators to driver wellness and increasing regulations like the ELD mandate. Fleets have been caught in the middle, trying to make smart business decisions. How can they balance maximizing their operational efficiency and responding to the ELD regulations while positively contributing to driver satisfaction and retention?

This is obviously easier said than done. It’s no secret that many drivers have negative opinions about being mandated to run an ELD. As a fleet, how are you supposed to overcome negativity towards ELDs and get your drivers on the path to compliance? Here are some tips to help get your fleet onboard with ELDs.

Ensure Your Drivers Understand 

rsz_road-sign-confused.jpgThere’s been a lot of confusion around the mandate requirements and what it means for fleets and drivers.
In order to improve driver acceptance, it’s important that they have a solid understanding of the mandate and the requirements. Many fleets have opted to hold information sessions for drivers. Others have encouraged drivers to
self-educate by reviewing materials available online. If you are looking for resources,
check out our ELD page for a collection of materials that can help.

Review What an ELD Is and What It Does

A lot of fear about transitioning to an ELD revolves around misconceptions about what an ELD actually does. It’s important that you’re transparent with your drivers about what information it will record, who is going to be viewing the data, and how your company plans on using the information. ELDs are not being used to track drivers or infringe on their privacy – they’re being used to improve operations (for drivers and fleets) while making the roads a safer place.

Include Drivers Your Decision-Making Process

iStock_000027033869_Medium_1.jpgYour drivers will be the ones using the product everyday. But let’s be honest – if drivers don’t like the product – or fear it – they’ll be reluctant to use it. Having drivers involved in the decision-making process will improve adoption rates and the sentiment towards the mandate. This will increase the driver’s sense of control and ensure their continued involvement in decisions that impact their operations. Once you implement a solution, remember to include your drivers in feedback sessions to continue engagement.

Explain the Benefits of Using an ELD

ELDs aren’t just beneficial for fleets as a whole. They also offer a variety of benefits for individual drivers. Fleets using ELDs can expect to improve their HOS compliance, increase their CSA score, enhance fuel efficiency by reducing idling and off-route travel, and improve information sharing. Not only will drivers benefit from reducing the amount of paperwork they have to complete, they’ll also see improved accuracy and reliability of hours of service reporting that engine-connected electronic logging brings. That means the elimination of form and manner errors and improved driver duty status tracking, resulting in greater driver safety.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

dashlink_device.pngAlthough the FMCSA has set the ELD transition deadline to December 2017, many fleets are transitioning now or plan on doing it in the very near future. Why? Fleets want to take advantage of all of the benefits outlined above while giving their drivers time to adapt and become comfortable with the technology before it becomes mandatory. This will ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible while reducing the stress and growing pains that any change in business process brings.

BigRoad makes it simple for fleets to get on the path to compliance. The best part is, our DashLink AOBRD is ELD-ready today! When you sign up now with the BigRoad compliance program, we take care of it all for you. We guarantee you’ll have a fully ELD-compliant solution, at no extra cost, before December 2017. That’s the BigRoad promise!

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