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GATS Round-up & Giveaway Winners

Last week, BigRoad sent a team down to Dallas for the Great American Trucking Show. It was a great show and it’s always fun to be part of such a passionate industry.

There were friends both old and new, like Jerry Ott from Big Rig Talk and the wonderfully bubbly Sierra Sugar. Along with all the cool people we met at the show we saw lots awesome vendors and so much shiny chrome.

Here’s what our team had to say about the show:

Lee Payne – I talked to some really interesting drivers, but most of it can’t be repeated here 😉  Overall, I’d say it was great to connect with our users and have the chance to get some excellent feedback on our upcoming features, etc. Also really enjoyed walking around the show and shine area. I saw a guy hand-polishing his full-size chrome tanker. It’s like cleaning a 53’x20′ mirror with a rag by hand. Now that is some commitment to detailing!

Colin Lumb – I spoke to a lot of drivers, fleet dispatchers, safety managers, and owners. Some drivers weren’t too sure about electronic logs saying they wouldn’t do them until they are mandated or they cannot be edited. However when I showed them how you can edit BigRoad logs just like paper, they were all ears. We also had a lot of people come by the booth to say how much they love the app and I spoke to two fleets that came to GATS specifically to meet us.

The majority of conversations at our booth revolved around the upcoming ELD mandate. We helped more of a few people alleviate their worries on this issue. We are really glad to see more and more carriers and drivers are starting to have serious conversations about ELDs before they are mandated. 

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ELD Contest Winners

At the show, we also gave away three complete electronic logging packages. Thanks for all your entries, here are the lucky winners:

  • Loren Kirchner– Thunder & Lightning Trucking
  • Thomas McConnell  – TWMC Enterprises Inc.
  • Yenni Solis  Jai’s Truck Service

Check out more photos from GATS on the BigRoad Facebook page.