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Flying Under the Radar – With Sergeant William Collier


Last week, BigRoad was joined by Sergeant William Collier of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Sergeant Collier conducted a webinar on how commercial carriers can avoid an investigation and the importance of safe CMV operations. A recording of the webinar can be found below. During the webinar Sergeant Collier spoke about the importance of technology in compliant operations. If you haven’t done so already, start a free trial of BigRoad and get on the path to compliance today!


Questions and Answers

Q. Will ELDs be requires for hot shot load companies?
A. Yes if they meet the minimum requirements to have to keep a record of duty status then they will require an ELD.

Q. Where can you find your current CSA scores?
A. Scores can be found directly from the CSA website:

Q. When driving through different time zones, do I change to the local time zone when I start a new driver log?
A. Your driver logs should always be using the time of your home terminal.

Q. What year is the cut off for ELDs?
A. The mandate specifies that pre-2000 vehicles are exempt.

Q. What is the single best thing a driver can do or say upon immediate contact with an officer so that the officer feels that he has encountered a safe, professional driver?
A. There isn’t one thing, but being respectful, clean and prompt will go a long way.

Q. What can we do/say when we have a loading/unloading appointment to keep but pulled in for an inspection that could cause us to be late?
A. Not much, make sure your logs are in order and you should get through the inspection as quickly as possible.

Q. What are your thoughts on putting E-Log/Big Road stickers on the doors of our trucks?
A. In our experience some drivers get passed over for inspections when they come into the station with an E-Log/BigRoad sticker on their truck. This doesn’t mean you can forgo following hours of service regulations, eventually you will get an inspection.

Q. Are the proposed regulations regarding ELD going to require single unit owner operators to have ELD?
A. There is no exemption based on size. Even single owner-operators will be required to have an ELD.

Q. Is BigRoad considered a ELD?
A. The BigRoad Web App by itself is not an ELD. Our DashLink engine connected solution is currently considered an AOBRD. We are working towards meeting the requirements outlined by the FMCSA in the ELD mandate. We will swap out our DashLink solutions to our ELD solution, at no additional cost to our customers, in the near future. 

Q. Are drivers able to edit their logs using BigRoad?
A. Drivers using just the BigRoad app without an engine connection are able to edit their logs on BigRoad. If a driver is using an engine connection with BigRoad then they will not be able to edit their drive time with BigRoad.

Q. How will rentals be dealt with with this new ELD law?
A. Rentals are not exempt under the ELD mandate. We expect some rental companies will start to offer ELDs as part of their package. BigRoad is a great option for rental truck users because it is simple to move between vehicles.

Q. How do operations that have independent contract drivers versus employees mandate a specific ELD for their IC’s?
A. In the end the requirement falls to the driver to ensure compliance. However if these drivers are moving you shipments you want to be sure they won’t get put out of service. 

Q. Has the final rule been established as of yet for ELDs?
A Yes the final rule was published on Dec. 16, 2015. You can find a copy of the rule here. 

Q. Has the FED decided whether or not they will continue to want drivers to have the ability to print their RODS when asked for while on the road…or just have the capability to email at a moments notice to a State Trooper or DOT Officer?
A. Once the ELD mandate is in effect this will no longer matter. This is because engine connected logs do not require the ability to print. Since the ELD mandate will cover this we do not believe they will issue a new ruling on this.

Q. Does the new ELD regulations require to have a third party monitor the logging device?
A. No you do not need a third party monitoring the device. The only time the information needs to be available is during an inspection or investigation.

Q. Does an empty 1-ton pickup with a GVWR of 10,001lbs need to pull over at weigh stations? What about if the pickup is pulling a 2,000lb trailer?
A. Yes the vehicle will still fall under the commercial vehicle regulations.

Q. When ELD’s are used, must the logs be printed and filed each day?
A. No, this is part of the benefit of an ELD all the logs can be stored digitally.

Q. We transport Recreation Travel Trailers (towaway), does this mean that our drivers are exempt from the ELD devices? 
A. Yes, the ELD mandate allows an exemption for driveaway/towaway operations. Keep in mind that if you also do regular freight hauling those loads are not exempt.

Q. Does BigRoad keep track of total hours?
A. Yes, with BigRoad you can create reports on total driver hours as well as miles driver by jurisdiction.

Q. What driver/vehicles status is available on a dashboard? Are there any reports?
A. BigRoad gives you a heads up view of a lot of details including: current driver status, time remaining in shifts and cycles, drivers with log violations, gps locations

Q. Can a company do PSP on an Owner Operator that is leasing onto said company?
A. PSPs are available for all CDL holders. This means that they are available for Owner Operators as well.

Q. We are a small family company with a single 16GVWR commercial vehicle. Will the ELD be a requirement?
A. Yes, provided you don’t fit into another exemption. If you fit within the local area exemption you may not be required to use an ELD.

Q. We have our fuel on our yard we don’t have a paper receipt how will that our supporting documents?
A. Supporting documents, in how they relate to logs, act as evidence to support the locations and timeline stated on your logs. If you are filling up only on the lot then it may be a good idea to keep some note of that. When you fill up, or stop for other reasons on the road it is a good idea to keep some form of documentation for that.

Q. What should I opt for ELD or AOBRD?
A. This is really going to be up to the carrier. There are many similarities between the two systems.

Q. Will driver’s have to carry, paper logs if they do not have a printer, if the officer requires the driver to write out a ROD instead of looking at BigRoad?
A. The driver will need to be able to print if they are not using the DashLink engine connection. However, with an ELD the log is engine-connected and does not require the ability to print.

How BigRoad Can Help

The first step on your path to compliance is switching over to an AOBRD. DashLink, BigRoad’s AOBRD solution, is the simplest and easiest way to produce compliant
engine-connected electronic logs. Currently compliant with US (395.15) and Canadian (SOR-2005 313) regulations, we guarantee full ELD compliance, at no extra cost to you, well before the ELD deadline. Make DashLink the last ELD purchasing decision you’ll have to make! Request a demo and see DashLink in action!