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February Poll Results Are In


We’ve launched a new monthly poll contest where we’re encouraging our contacts to share opinions on hot topics within the industry for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Our March Poll is now posted – submit your answers today for a chance to win!

February Poll Results: All About ELDs
As part of our February Poll, BigRoad asked our contacts all about ELDs. We wanted to gain an understanding of what people are using now, when they plan on making the switch, and what is the most important feature to them in an ELD. We received such a great response that we wanted to share the results with you! See what others in the industry had to say:


First we asked people what they’re currently using to track their hours of service. The majority of people reported that they’re already using some type of technology (electronic logs or an AOBRD) to track their HOS. 63% of people surveyed are using the BigRoad Mobile App to track their hours of service!


Next we asked when people are looking to switch to an ELD, 24% of people said as soon as possible and an additional 9% in the next 6 months. Looking at the data, nearly half of those surveyed are looking to make the switch well before the ELD deadline.

Why? Many fleets are opting to switch now to ensure that they have enough time for their administrative team and drivers to become comfortable and confident when using the technology. Additional benefits to running an ELD include improved accuracy through automated data collection, reduced violations, improved fuel efficiency, increased drive time, and heightened safety.


Lastly we asked what is the most important feature for an ELD. Overwhelmingly, 46% of people surveyed said an easy to use system. Other important features were an inexpensive unit and portability. A complete infographic showing the poll results can be found here.

If you’re like most people we surveyed, you’re looking to make the switch to ELD sooner, rather than later. And why wouldn’t you! Check out DashLink – BigRoad’s AOBRD – and get on the path to compliance today! We guarantee that you’ll be fully ELD compliant, at no extra cost to you, well before the ELD mandate deadline. Why wait? Check out a demo today!

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