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Event Recap: NASTC’s 26th Annual Conference


The BigRoad team was excited to join The National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) last week in Nashville for their 26th annual conference. Take a look at the event recap!

NASTC 26th Annual Conference Recap

This year, the BigRoad team didn’t drive down to Nashville…we got to fly! As much as I do enjoy driving down South and having BigRoad users honk at us, it was a really quick flight, and we were in Nashville in no time!


If you’re a small trucking company and haven’t heard of NASTC, you should check them out! Led by President David Owen, the NASTC team has been acting as an advocate for small trucking companies since 1989. The company currently represents over 5,000+ full truckload, long-haul, irregular route, for-hire carriers. We were lucky enough to meet some of them at the event this year! 


This marks the fifth year that BigRoad and NASTC have been working together to help members access technology that helps them comply with hours-of-service (HOS) regulations and most recently, the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. 

Driver of the Year Awards

Driver-of-the-Year-2016-Chuck.pngA big highlight for us at the event was having another BigRoad user win a NASTC Driver of the Year award! A big congratulations goes out to Chuck Tramel of Steller & Sons for being recognized out of NASTC’s 5,000+ driverbase! 

Chuck has a pretty impressive track record. He’s been driving for 38 years and has never had an accident in the over 5,000,000 miles he’s driven!
I had a chance to sit down with Chuck on Thursday night to talk about his win. 

“It feels great to be recognized,” said Chuck. “I really didn’t expect to ever be recognized for what I do.” When I asked Chuck about what advice he has for other drivers he shared, “Use your common sense, look ahead, and always expect the unexpected and you’ll be alright.” I guess it’s true – Chuck never expected to be recognized and now he’s a Driver of the Year! 

How BigRoad Can Help

Chuck is just one of many BigRoad users that have been recognized as a NASTC Driver of the Year. Give our BigRoad Mobile App a try and see how we can help you become one of the best drivers on the road!