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ELD – The Path to Compliance Webinar


As of Dec. 16, 2015 the ELD mandate has been published. The mandate gives an enforcement date of Dec. 18, 2015 meaning that within 2 years all commercial vehicles that do no meet an exemption will be required to use an ELD. BigRoad co-founder and CEO Terry Frey sat down to help guide trucking companies on how best to make the transition to ELDs.

Below is a recording of this live webinar, followed by the new questions we received for the Q&A session. If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ.

Start your transition to ELDs by learning more about DashLink.



Below you will find the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to answer during the webinar.


Can administrators use the ELD?

Yes, and in some cases, such as an Owner Operator, the administrator is also going to be the primary driver.

Big Road ELD setup for Apple?

Currently our electronic logbook (ie. Not engine connected) is available for iOS. We are currently working on our DashLink system for iOS

Does BigRoad offer support for bus lines and passenger carriers.

Yes, BigRoad supports the regulations for passenger carrying commercial vehicles

Can we still use the phone app after 2017?

Only if you have DashLink our engine connected solution. However if you fall within an exemption to the ELD mandate you will be able to use the BigRoad app as an alternative to paper.

Do commercial vehicles between 10-26k lbs need to comply? 


Do the logging devices need to be physically connected to the vehicle and are there exceptions for non-profits?

Yes the devices will require an engine connection. There is no exemptions for non-profit.

For low mileage and itinerant drivers, how best to manage “non-driving days”?

BigRoad handles non-driving days by automatically creating a log that lists the entire day for a driver as off-duty. 

How is BigRoad structured to maintain compliance with FMCSA in the future?

We follow law updates very closely and update our software as soon as we are aware of new regulations. The benefits of using a smart phone application means that your app can always be the most current version without the need for hardware substitution. 

How long before all of these new rules are enforced?

The enforcement date is set at Dec. 18th 2015.

How will this effect driver who only drive in Canada?

This particular law will not affect you if you only drive in Canada. However, cross boarder drivers will have to be using an ELD when driving in the United States. We expect that the Canadian Government will follow the example of the US and create their own ELD mandate soon.

How will this new law affect me as a company driver?

You are really the most affected as you will be the one using the ELD. We suggest that you make your voice heard to your company so you don’t have just any device forced on you. If you like using BigRoad tell your supervisor.

I am a drive away contractor. Does this law affect us?

It looks as though drive away and tow away operations will be exempt.

I am personally using BigRoad but how can I transition and the cost to ELD and if the company wanted to how much for 6 to 7 trucks?

For the BigRoad fleet management system you will be paying $15/month/driver. DashLink is an additional $10/month/unit. So assuming you have 6 drivers and 6 DashLink units the cost would be $150 for ELD compliance and a suite of fleet management tools such as state mileage reporting and real-time GPS locations.

What if I regularly switch between a pre-2000 truck and a newer model?

Well for the days that you are in the old model you could use paper. You will have to use an ELD in the new vehicle. This creates a bit of a mess when it comes to an inspection having to show both an ELD and paper logs. Our suggestion is that if the older model truck allows it you should use an ELD just to make things easier and more organized.

Is DashLink easily moved between vehicles?

Yes, DashLink simply plugs into the diagnostic port of the vehicle and the connects via Bluetooth to your device. If you switch vehicles simply unplug the device and plug it into the new truck. DashLink will automatically detect the vehicle change. 

How can I use the truck for personal conveyance?

BigRoad allows the use of personal conveyance if the administrator chooses to allow this feature. In this case a driver would be able to select when they are on personal time. All motion in this instance would be recorded as Off-Duty driving and not counted towards On-Duty or Driving time. Following the regulations of what qualifies as personal conveyance falls onto the individual driver.

We are a construction contractor. We drive one-ton pick ups with dump trailers. We are not over the road truck drivers. But we do work interstate. Primarily, our supervisors are our drivers, and they keep Big Road Logs, which work out great for us. My question is this. Are the new ELD systems going to require engine monitoring?

This depends a lot on how far from your home terminal you are going. If you aren’t going further than a 100-mile air radius then you will be exempt. If you are going further than this you will likely need to use ELDs.

What happens if you fail to comply by the December date in 2017? Is it a monetary fine or will the motor carrier be shut down by the FMCSA?

This is going to be viewed as not having a log. This drivers will not be allowed to continue driving, there will be fines, and the companies safety score will be affected. 

Will training support be provided with your program?

Yes our support team is available to help your drivers get started. 

What about a 2013 body with a 1998 60 series Detroit motor?

This is a little vague in the rules. This rule seems to be based on the vehicle VIN which would be based on chassis manufacture. However the rules seem to hint that if there is no ECM then the vehicle is exempt without specifying year. We expect this will be clarified in the interpretation guidelines.

Can you define “Long Haul” in regards to the 8/30 rule?

Long haul usually refers to drivers that travel outside of a 100-mile air radius from their home terminal or does not return to their home terminal at the end of the day.

How do you show personal travel on the graph, which line? And what happens to he miles on the reports? 

For the purpose of the driver viewing his logs he will see personal conveyance on a 5th line as well as the off-duty line. When showing an inspector logs only the off-duty line is shown with annotations for what time periods were personal conveyance. 

How will this apply to a rental truck?

We aren’t certain exactly how this will work. Likely some rental companies will choose to have ELDs that stay with each vehicle. Others may choose to have renters provide their own ELDs.

How will working for Multiple Companies be handled by the ELD? Can you add HOS logs later for the logs you created working for the other Company?

BigRoad allows you to have multiple companies on your account. In this situation each company would only have access to the logs for which you are driving for them. You however would have access to all of your logs.

I just want to make sure that I am clear, How long do we have to get compliant if we are currently using Electronic Logs through big road however they are not hooked up to the engines?

You will only have until Dec. 2017 if you are using non-engine connected logs.

I work for a non-profit and drive only once a month or less. We drive only about 4 or 5 days at most from one destination to another.   Would the 8/30 exceptions apply?

It sounds like it you would fall under the 8/30 rule. Remember that this is a rolling 30 days so you must be careful to track how many days in a month are spent on long hauls. If you are at all at risk of driving outside a 100 mile radius of the home terminal more than 8 times in any 30 days we highly recommend an ELD.

Trial period offered is for how long a time?

BigRoad offers a 30 day free trial. You can start a trial here:

What would happen if a driver was to remove the ELD device from the vehicle?

Even if they remove the device vehicle mileage data will still be noted once the device is plugged back in. Officers will be able to tell if a vehicle has been driven without the ELD connected.

Where do Hotshot trucks fall into this?

If you are driving the truck as a commercial vehicle then they will require an ELD there is no exemption on that.

Does the 8/30 rule apply to a specific amount of miles driven from home base?

Yes there is an exemption for drivers that stay within a 100 air-mile radius of their home terminal. If you only drive outside of this radius 8 days within a rolling 30 then you will not need an ELD.

What about auditing?

Auditing will continue much the same as it has. The main difference will be that you will now be able to have a complete digital archive of your logs. BigRoad will store your logs indefinitely so you will always be able to pass audits with ease

Regarding the exception for the AOBRD allowing your ELD adoption to be extended two years – is there some manner of percentage of your fleet that would have to have the AOBRDs to qualify?

This rule seems to be driver specific. So any driver that is using an AOBRD will receive the extension.

Do you have Dashlink setups for 1 Ton Pickup trucks?

OBD-II connections (for pick-ups) are available from BigRoad.