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ELD Mandate: What’s In It For Me?

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has made their case for how electronic logging devices (ELDs) will benefit the greater good, but how is it going to help you as an owner-operator, company driver, or fleet?

Making the Roads Safer

Safety1-1.jpgThe main goal of the ELD mandate is to make the roads a safer place for everyone including the general public and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. This will be accomplished by improving hours-of-service (HOS) reporting and preventing fatigued driving. The FMCSA estimates that requiring CMV drivers to use an ELD will prevent 20 deaths, 434 injuries, and result in an annual safety benefit of $394.8 million annually.

Besides these safety benefits, ELDs will actually enable you to improve your operations as an owner-operator, company driver, and fleet. Here are some of the ways you’ll benefit from transitioning to BigRoad’s DashLink ELD.

How Will ELDs Benefit Owner-Operators?

  1. Eliminate Paperwork
    As an owner-operator, you’re responsible for ALL of the paperwork from completing your paper logbook to general records. By transitioning to ELDs, you’ll cut your paperwork in half! Information is automatically recorded and tracked so you’ll never need to do a manual log again! You also won’t need an in-cab printer, logs generated by ELD need to be viewed from your device.

  2. DriveTime1.jpgMaximize Drive Time
    ELDs make inspections quick and painless! Rather than waiting for the inspector to comb through your paper logs and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), they pull it up on your mobile device (phone or tablet). Within a few swipes your back on the road allowing you to maximize your drive time.

  3. One-Click Reporting
    You don’t need to hire someone to run reports, you can do it yourself from the BigRoad Web App. In just a few clicks you can pull your state mileage and IFTA reporting information. You’ll also see improved accuracy as the information is being pulled from your engine and not manually entered (leaving room for human-error).

  4. CSA1.jpgProtect Your Safety Score
    Real-time violation notifications prevent hours-of-service and form-and-manner errors from happening. While your competition is at risk from manually tracking their information, you can build up a clean record to improve and protect your safety score.

How Will ELDs Benefit Fleets?

  1. Improved Safety and Compliance
    It can be hard to help your drivers run in compliance with HOS and other regulations. With BigRoad, drivers receive notifications on their cell phone or tablet when there is a violation or error that could result in a fine. You can also see how your drivers are performing from our risk notification dashboard so you know who needs your help the most!

  2. Paperlog.jpgCost Savings with Automation
    By automating tedious tasks, you can save your fleet a lot of time and money. You no longer have to worry about manually auditing logs or spending hours on reports. With BigRoad, it’s done for you so your staff can focus on other areas of your operations.

  3. Accurate Reporting
    When information is pulled directly from the engine and sent automatically, you get the most accurate information available. This will allow you to optimize your drive time, plan better routes, and reduce costs across your fleet. You also no longer have to wait for your drivers to send information or submit their logs – you get it on demand!

  4. Call.jpegSeamless Communication
    Communication is key to effectively managing your drivers and fleet. With BigRoad, the vehicle, drivers, and office staff are connected seamlessly. Our two-way messenger allows you to send information directly to your driver while our BigRoad Web App enables you to track location and assets in real-time.

How BigRoad Can Help

BigRoad can help you change the way you run your fleet for the better! Whether you’re a single owner-operator or a fleet of 1,000s, BigRoad’s got a solution that fits your unique needs. Request a demo to see BigRoad’s solutions in action today!