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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear


You can’t believe everything you hear…especially when it comes to electronic logging devices (ELDs). Here are the most common ELD myths we’ve heard…and whether they’re fact or fiction!

Fact or Fiction: Owner-Operators & Passenger Carriers Are Exempt

OO.pngFICTIONJust because you’re an owner-operator or passenger carrier, it doesn’t make you exempt from the ELD mandate. Owner-operators and passenger carriers need to follow the same rules as the other commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers.

If you’re currently required to keep logs, you’re likely going to have to run an ELD – unless you qualify for an ELD exemption.

Fact or Fiction: Vehicles Manufactured Prior to Year 2000 Are Exempt

FACTIf you’re driving a vehicle that was manufactured before the model year 2000, you do not need to run an ELD. Why? Your vehicle probably doesn’t have the necessary components to install the device. Remember that you do need to continue tracking your hours-of-service using either an electronic logbook or paper. 

We recommend you move to an electronic logbook as paper logs are going to become less and less common. This might open you up to a more stringent inspection. Check out the BigRoad Mobile App – it’s FREE for drivers to use! You can download it here and start logging now!  

Fact or Fiction: ELDs Are All Expensive

dashlink_device.pngFICTION: Not all ELDS are expensive – but some are! Before purchasing, make sure you’ve fully evaluated the needs of your fleet and researched your options. Some ELDs can cost upwards of a $1,000 a truck for hardware alone!

BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is by far one of, if not the most, affordable options available at $10 per month/per DashLink unit with no up-front hardware fees. Complete pricing information can be found here.

Fact or Fiction: ELDs Can Shut Your Truck Down

FICTION: We’ve heard this one a lot surprisingly! It is 100% untrue – your truck cannot get shut off by the back-office, government, or anyone else! Only you can shut off your truck by putting it in park and turning the key.

Fact or Fiction: An Electronic Logbook Is an ELD

app_with_hand_2.jpgFICTION: Electronic logbooks and electronic logging devices (ELDs) are two very different things. An electronic logbook is just that – an electronic version of a paper logbook. Drivers are required to manually enter in their information in an application operated on their phone or tablet. BigRoad offers the BigRoad Mobile App for electronic logging.

An electronic logging device (ELD) is an engine-connected solution that is plugged into the ECU of the truck and records information directly from the engine of the vehicle. The driver no longer needs to manually enter in their information. This information is then sent to a phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection. BigRoad offers the DashLink ELD that pairs with the BigRoad Mobile App.

Fact or Fiction: Driveaway-Towaway Operations Are Exempt

FACT (FOR THE MOST PART): Driveaway-towaway operators do qualify for an ELD Mandate exemption if they meet the criteria. If the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) being delivered is part of the shipment (ex. An empty vehicle for sale, lease, or repair), then you do not need to run an ELD.

Fact or Fiction: Drivers Will Get Violations Without Inspections Because the DOT Has Access To Your Information

FICTION: The information being collected from your ELD is not being monitored by the government or DOT for the purpose of issuing violations. You will not receive a violation without going through an inspection where the inspector finds something actually wrong.

Fact or Fiction: I Won’t Need a Printer With an ELD

NoPrinter.jpgFACT: People are pretty excited about this because having to print out your logs out at the roadside can be a real pain in the butt! When you transition to an ELD, you’ll no longer have to carry a printer in your cab! Under the ELD Mandate, inspectors are required to review your logs directly from you device (smartphone or tablet).

Fact or Fiction: ELDs Will Lower My Available Drive Time

FICTION: Contrary to popular belief, running and ELD will not lower your drive time. You’ll still have the same amount of time you’ve always had. When accounting for your time, it will be more accurate as the information is pulled directly from the engine and doesn’t rely on you to enter it into an application manually or write it out on paper logs. If you’re running a clean operation, you’ve got nothing to worry about here!

Fact or Fiction: ELDs Will Make My Job Harder

Hoops.jpgFICTIONWhenever something new gets introduced, people automatically assume the worst. It’ll be expensive, it’ll make my jobs harder, etc. Truth be told, ELDs will actually make your job a lot easier! You no longer have to worry about remembering to account for everything you do – the ELD does that for you. All you need to do is ensure it’s plugged in and connected to your device. 

Fact or Fiction: I Can Use an AOBRD Now and Get 2 More Years to Comply

FACTThis is correct – the FMCSA has essentially set two dates for ELD compliance:

  • If you’re currently using paper logs or an electronic logbook, you need to be running an ELD by December 18, 2017
  • If you’re currently using a 395.15-compliant automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD), you have until December 16, 2019 to transition to an ELD

BigRoad’s DashLink is field upgradeable. Once you’re ready to completely transition to ELD, we can update your device while it’s still in your truck! You can run DashLink up until December 16, 2019 (or upgrade it sooner) before transitioning.


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