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Doing More with your Electronic Logs

web-appMany BigRoad users ask me how to access their logs for the past 14 days. But did you know you can access all the logs you’ve created as far back as 7 months? While the BigRoad app holds the current day plus the prior 14 days of logs to be edited, the BigRoad web app stores six months plus the current month. In case of an audit, you can access all your logs with the click of a button. To access your older logs, sign into your account at This is just one of the many things you may not know are available to you from the web app. 

When you first sign-up you’ll automatically start a free 30-day day trial. During the trial you get access to your profile and all five tabs; Dashboard, Drivers, Trucks, Reports, Fleet.. After the trial you are under no obligation to buy, but you will still have access to your profile and the Fleet tab. Remember admins cannot edit everyone’s logs, only you can can edit your own log from the BigRoad web app. Admins can only edit logs from an engine connected solution.

This video gives you an overview of the features in the BigRoad web app.

I will go through each tab and give you further information on what’s included to you.

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard tab gives you a look at the kind of violations you have as well as what day they are for. You just have to select your name or a drivers name and it will give you further detail regarding those violations.
  • Drivers: This tab gives you the last contact location and time of the driver(s), the duty status your in, what truck you’re using and your location on the map.
  • Trucks: The trucks tab is quite similar to the Drivers tab except it lists the last contact location of the Truck.
  • Reports: The Reports tab is where drivers are able to create mileage reports. You will start by selecting a truck(s) and selecting a start and end date. This will then categorize the miles recorded by the GPS state by state.
  • Fleet: The fleet tab is where you are able to add new users, create groups, add new Trucks and view when your trial ends.
  • Your Name: When you select your name a small drop down menu appears and when you select My Profile, you are able to view your trip sheets, Daily Logs and Vehicle Inspections. You will also see what role you have in the fleet, and your Drivers Daily Log information. You can also edit any information regarding hours of service rules and change your email and password. You can view the logs you’ve created as far back as a month, download and save a PDF of those logs as well.

Again, once the 30 day trial ends of the additional tabs online, you are not obligated to pay and can access all your logs, the Fleet tab and Profile tab. It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with these additional features.