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CSA & You Webcast Recap

CSAANDYOU_Recap_Banner.pngMissed our CSA and You: Getting Back to BASICs webcast last week? We’ve made the recording available so that you can watch it at a time that works for you! Feel free to share it with friends and other members of your fleet.

Getting Back to BASICs

To access the recording, simply click the image above (or click here) and follow the instructions on the screen to watch the recording. 

Questions and Answers

Here are the questions that were submitted by webcast attendees. If you’ve got any questions about CSA, email them to [email protected] and we’ll help you out! 

Q. Why does my CSA score matter?
A. Your CSA score has a huge impact on a number of areas within your operation. Your CSA score is a snapshot of your commitment to being a safe commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operator. A number of people are looking at your CSA score: insurance companies, customers, and enforcement. If you’ve got a high or “bad” score you could see increased insurance costs, decreased customer retention, and being subjected to more inspections (targeting).

Q. Is there a limit for my score in each of the BASIC categories? 
A. There is a threshold limit for each of the categories. This limit is the maximum number of point that a carrier can have. Once the threshold is hit, the carrier is flagged for an intervention.

Q. How can I improve my score if I’ve hit category limits?
A. Not all hope is lost – there are a number of things that you can do to try to improve your score after you’ve been designated with a high or “bad” CSA score. As mentioned during the presentation, you are able to challenge violations issued to your fleet. The sooner you do this, the less impact it will have on your score. If you let this sit for a year, that’s a year where that violation has had a negative impact on you.

If you’re looking to protect a low or “good” score, make sure you research the drivers you hire by reviewing their PSP to see if they’ve got a history of safety and compliance. Technology also plays a huge role in CSA scores. The BigRoad Mobile App and DashLink ELD can help you by preventing violations before they happen with real time notification of form and manner errors, HOS violations, and much more! 

Q. Who is in the SMS?
A. All carriers in North America that haul loads over 10,000 lbs and/or haul hazardous materials while travelling interstate are regulated by the FMCSA. These carriers are included in the SMS.

Q. What’s the difference between an Acute and Critical violation?
A. An Acute Violation is when noncompliance is so severe that it requires immediate corrective action by the carrier regardless of the safety posture. A Critical Violation is a violation that relates to the carrier’s management and/or operational controls and are indicative of breakdowns in a carrier’s management controls (ex. pattern of violations).

These violations will be noted by an icon on the carrier’s Investigation Results for the BASIC for 12 months following an investigation. A complete list of Acute and Critical Violations can be found here

Get on the Path to Compliance

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