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Common sense trucking compliance – MD offers electronic permits

With a real nod to common sense fleet compliance and smartphone trucker apps, Maryland Motor Carrier Division started its Electronic Permitting Program, on July 1, 2012, which  allows customers to display permits and attachments on an electronic device (i.e. smartphones, iPads, laptops etc). 

In small ways, the trucking industry – and the regulators that control it – really seems to be waking up to the new age of smartphone capabilities and the opportunities to dramatically improve the efficiency of the carriers and drivers that have to make a living under increasing regulatory compliance burdens.

SHA’s Motor Carrier Division manages and permits approximately 160,000 over sized moves each year and issues approximately 600-800 permits each day. Helping SHA conserve natural resources and reduce its overall carbon footprint, e-permits can potentially save the printing of nearly 50,000 pieces of paper each month. This is another environmentally-friendly business practice that reduces waste in support of the State’s green initiatives.

Maryland enforcement agencies have the ability to access the Automated Hauling Permit System (AHPS) to validate application submissions against log books to verify travel start times. If the use of e-permitting is abused by anyone or any company, the privilege will be revoked for that individual and company. The E-permit is optional; customers may continue to carry printed hard copies of permits and attachments.

Maryland electronic permits resized 600

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