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CNN reports truck driver shortage – 1M drivers needed each year!

The video below details the issue of the truck driver shortage in the US.  We can all agree that there is definitely an issue attracting young drivers due to the gap years between high school graduation and when you can apply for your CDL at 21 yrs of age, and the high cost of training ($4k-$6k+). However, we also have to look at the quality of driving jobs that are being offered, and the ability to make a decent day’s pay being a truck driver, as a core issue.

Many trucking companies will advertise what appear to be great $/mile rates, but they rarely take into account the downtime associated to delay and detention time at the shipper/receiver, or due to poor dispatch decisions.  Companies often don’t employ the necessary tools to keep the driver and the dispatcher in sync.  With easy to use trucker apps like BigRoad they can keep the driver and dispatcher connected and up to date on hours availability, delay/detention verification and easy to use messaging.

The driver shortage is real, and serious for the industry and the economy.  Keeping drivers happy, productive and making money is paramount to solving these issues.  Better dispatch planning, communication, coordination and respect between drivers and dispatchers will go a long way for most companies as long as they have the right tools to enable this.