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BigRoad Usability Webinar – Mobile App


We want to make sure that our app is accessible and simple to use for everyone. For this reason, we ran the first of our two-part webinar series on BigRoad Usability. 

This webinar focused on the BigRoad mobile app. You can be a part of our Dec. 9th, 2015 webinar which focuses on the web app by registering here.

Below is a recording of this webinar, followed by the new questions we received for the Q&A session. If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ.


Below you will find the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to answer during the webinar.

With my data plan, my internet speed drops after 5GB of usage. Will this affect BigRoad’s functionality?

We recommend having about 500MB of data strictly for BigRoad, so 5GB should be more than enough. BigRoad doesn’t send huge amounts of data, so even with a slower connection, you shouldn’t see a decline in function.

Is there an option to track fuel stops and state miles?

This is a feature of our BigRoad web app. Along with these features, the web app also enables you to see where all of your trucks and drivers are at in real-time as well as their logs. You can try these features out by signing up for a free trial.

Will the BigRoad app work legally as an ELD?

Yes, but you will have to use our DashLink engine connection device. This is the key criteria to remember for an ELD that it needs to connect to the engine.

When switching to DashLink, will I need more data?

No, there won’t be a significant change in your data usage when switching to DashLink.

How do drivers display Personal Conveyance?

This is a feature that must be turned on by the fleet administrator. Once this feature is enabled, drivers will have the option to change to personal conveyance using the duty status dial in the main screen of the BigRoad app.  

Sometimes BigRoad changes status automatically and sometimes I need to do it manually.

If there is an issue with the signal from your GPS, BigRoad may be unable to automatically change your duty status based on movement. We recommend checking that your location services are on and you are receiving a signal.

How can I archive my logs and print from an iPad?

You can access your logs by signing into the web app at To print from your iPad, you can choose either the inspect logs or edit logs button from the Daily Logs screen of the app and then choose the print option from the menu.

What equipment does a driver need other than a phone?

If you are just using the app as an electronic logbook, without an engine connection, then nothing. The phone is all you need. Although we do recommend drivers have an in-cab printer to produce logs if required, the app is fully functional with no additional hardware. If you want to run as an AOBRD or ELD then you will need DashLink, our engine connection device. On the plus side, with DashLink there is no need for a printer.

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