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BigRoad Updates: Payroll Report & More

Payroll money

We’ve recently updated the BigRoad web app and have a lot of great new features to show you.

Driver Hours & Mileage report

First up is something we’ve had a lot of request for and been working on for a while, the Driver Hours & Mileage report. This report gives you the hours worked and miles driven by your drivers based on their record and duty status and truck mileage from their daily logs.

This “payroll” reporting tool can be accessed through the reports tab.


Once you click on the Create Diver Hours and Mileage Report button you’ll be able to select the date range of the report and any drivers you want to include on the report. For convenience, the default date range is always set to the previous month.


Clicking the Create Report button, give a breakdown of each drivers hours and mileage. You also have the option to export a more detailed report as an Excel spreadsheet. This detailed report includes things like a separate line for waiting times.

Links in Chat Titles

We’ve added a new feature to the BigRoad messaging system. Now all titles for groups and individuals on the active chat window are linked. This means you can quickly jump to any individual in the chat and see their details. If you click on the name of the group link you will be taken to the Roadside Inspection Risk dashboard for that group.

New search feature

You can now find drivers and trucks even quicker with the new search feature. Look for the magnifying glass icon next to the Fleet tab. Clicking this open the search window. Simply type in a name and click on the name you want.

Automatic subscription decrease

We’ve also made an update to our billing system. Direct-billed credit card customers will now have their subscriptions automatically decreases whenever a person is deactivated.

New Demo User Features

If you have recently signed up for the BigRoad demo you can now set up a fleet with demo users. These demo users have pre-generated data that allow you to explore all the features of the BigRoad web app. Demo users can be turned off using the option under the fleet tab.

Latest Android App Updates

Also, make sure you update the BigRoad app to most recent version. In this latest release, automatic duty status no longer transitions from Sleeper duty status and we have added a number of small performance improvements for DashLink users.

BigRoad Support

We always want you to get the most out of BigRoad. If you ever have a problem, need help or want to give us your feedback please contact our support team at 1-888-305-8777 or [email protected].