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BigRoad Support Is Now Available All Day, Every Day

BigRoad Support Is Now Available All Day, Every DayWe all know that being a truck driver isn’t a 9 to 5 job. That’s why we’ve extended our support hours to include, well, every hour of every day. We’re now available 24/7! Send your questions any day, any time, and we’ll be here to help you out.

BigRoad Makes It Easy For You To Get The Help You Need

It’s our goal to make things as easy as possible for you. When you have a question or concern, you can now contact our Support team 24/7 by phone, email, or chat. If you’ve ever interacted with a member of this team before, you know how amazing they are. They’re friendly, smart, and they get the job done every time.

So what makes our Support team so awesome?

They’re Really Good At Answering Your Questions

Don’t take it from us! Hear from real customers who have interacted with our Support Team and experienced amazing service. These are just a few examples from our long list of satisfied customers.

 “Great service! I’ll definitely recommend it to others.” – Ewald from California

Man writing a question mark

“Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me. It’s very difficult to find good industry info. Love the BigRoad Blog!” – Chuck from Dallas

“Excellent service and resolution. I’m impressed!” – Laurene from New York

“Went onto the BigRoad chat. The representative did a great job and answered my questions.” – Jim from Missouri

“Excellent and fast support! Great job!” – Jeff from British Columbia

North American-Based Support Team

Some hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance solution companies outsource their support teams globally, meaning that their support representatives aren’t in the same country as the main company. This is not the case at BigRoad! Our core Support team lives right in the office with the rest of us. They’re actually right beside our Engineering team , which is a huge bonus. This means that when you contact us with a complicated technical question, our Support team can literally walk around the corner and get an answer for you immediately! 

They Want To Get To Know You

Some support teams are focused on getting things done fast. They have time limit goals foreach call that they’re expected to meet on a regular basis. 

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For example, the team’s goal might be to get a customer off the phone within 3 minutes of them calling in. BigRoad doesn’t operate this way. Yes, we want to help you fix your problems quickly, but not at the cost of our relationship with you. If your phone call with us lasts 5 seconds, that’s ok. If it lasts 20 minutes, that’s ok, too.
Feel free to take your time and explain what’s going on at whatever speed you’re comfortable with.

They Know What They’re Talking About

There’s nothing worse than calling a customer service line, getting your question answered, and then finding out that the support representative was…..wrong (or they weren’t sure of the answer and made something up).

Our Support team won’t give you wrong information. If they don’t know they answer, they’ll find out and get back to you the minute they’ve figured it out.

Sound Like A Support Team That You’d Like To Work With?

Our DashLink ELD helps fleets and owner-operators to optimize their operations with automated data collection and log auditing. It simplifies the logging process, helping drivers create clean, inspection-ready logs. Plus, when you become a BigRoad customer, you’ll get to work with our awesome Support team and get the help you need 24/7! Learn more by requesting a demo.