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BigRoad Support – Data Plans & Roaming


At BigRoad, we’ve got a dedicated team of Support Specialists that are available to help you whenever you need it! It’s one of the many things that set us apart of our competition. From a quick question about how to use the BigRoad Mobile App, to a detailed explanation of rules and regulations, BigRoad’s got your back! This blog covers a topic that our team talks about often – data plans and roaming.

BigRoad Mobile App Data Usage
BigRoadeLogApp.pngThe BigRoad Mobile App was designed to use as little data as possible. To put it into perspective, in 1 month our app will use the same amount of data as it takes to watch 1 movie on Netflix. The amount of data that you’ll use in a month will depend on how you use your device – the more you use your device, the more data you’ll go through.

It’s important to remember that in addition to the BigRoad Mobile App, you’re likely using other things on your phone like social media apps, messaging apps, streaming videos, browsing websites, and sending emails. All of these thing use data and contribute to your overall monthly data usage.

What Size Data Plan Should I Get?
Our users have reported using an average of 300-800MB/month when driving full-time and using the app. If you plan on driving within the United States only or within Canada only, we recommend that you get a plan with a minimum of 1GB of data.

If you regularly stream videos, watch movies, send photos, or do a lot of browsing on your device you might want to get a larger plan. Today, the majority of data plans have a minimum of 1GB of data. Many carriers even offer unlimited data plans that are very affordable too! 

If You Drive Between the United States and Canada
CellPhoneMoney.jpgIf you make regular cross-border trips, make sure you’ve got yourself covered! Check with your provider to see if your plan includes data roaming. If not, try to switch to a plan with data roaming included or add-on a data roaming pack (if trips are infrequent). Data roaming charges can be a very unpleasant surprise – often doubling or tripling your normal bill! Yikes!

Wait – What’s Data Roaming?
wireless-bill.jpgData roaming occurs when you’re outside of your carrier’s coverage area and your device connects to another network. If this happens, you can keep using the internet and apps on your device – but it’ll cost you if you don’t have a plan that includes roaming! 

All major carriers now have affordable options for frequent cross-border travellers, so be proactive when it comes to your data and travel plans. If your carrier says they offer roaming in another country, make sure it actually covers the area you plan on visiting. You need to understand what services are included and the limits.

Need Help?
Having trouble with the BigRoad Mobile App? We can help you solve the problem! From the app, open up the settings menu and click Email Support. Selecting this option will allow you to send an email directly to our Support Team. You can also call 1-888-205-8777 or email [email protected].