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BigRoad on the Road! @communitech Upstart Breakfast

BigRoad hit the road (pun intended) and traveled to the Communitech Upstart Breakfast where CEO Kelly Frey spoke about Bigroad and how to get love from a trucker.

Kelly Frey

The presentation included many strong points on what it is like in the life of a start up company. The major lesson learned was that you must know your customers and get them to love you. In the world of trucking, we have quickly learned that “it ain’t easy getting love from a trucker” which has helped us tailor our product to meet their needs.

At Bigroad, we understand the dire need of truckers in today’s economy, and what life on the road really means. Back in the day, life on the road was appealing to so many – the freedom, no worries, loud music, being your own business… but in recent years, that has changed. The dream life has been affected in so many ways by rules and regulations, in some cases so much so that that dream has slowly become a nightmare.

This is where BigRoad comes in – the app is designed to take the stress off drivers and put the fun back into trucking again.

After listening to the other presentations this morning, it was clear that many of the start-ups and tech companies in our region have not only invested time into their companies but to others as well. It’s nice to see everyone (up early) and out to support each other. Congrats to Stephen Lake and Jeff Nugent for their great presentations as well this morning.

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