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BigRoad Named 2017’s Best ELD Solution Provider by Frost & Sullivan

After a thorough analysis of all major ELD solution providers, Frost & Sullivan has named BigRoad #1 by awarding us the 2017 North American Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Customer Value Leadership Award. This award recognizes BigRoad as the best ELD solution provider in the North American ELD market. 

BigRoad Outperforms Competition

BigRoad Frost & Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan performed a thorough analysis of all major ELD providers in North America, following an extensive 10-step process, to assess candidates and select a winner for this prestigious award. BigRoad outperformed other ELD providers in the areas of price/performance value, purchase experience, customer service, brand equity, financial performance, customer acquisition, and growth. Other notable brands to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan include, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

While other providers have focused on larger fleets, leaving owner-operators and small to mid-size fleets underserved, BigRoad’s driver-friendly solution, affordable price point, and tailored compliance offering has made us the solution provider of choice among owner-operators, small to mid-size fleets, and cost-conscious larger fleets.  

“With creative product technology, a unique and well-planned customer positioning strategy, and rock-solid customer support, BigRoad has firmly established itself as one of the finest ELD solution providers on the market,” concluded Gokulnath Raghavan, Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “With strong overall performance, BigRoad is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Customer Value Leadership Award.”

A copy of the 2017 North American Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award can be accessed here.

 BigRoad Leadership On Winning The Frost & Sullivan Award
The team at BigRoad is honoured to be recognized with this esteemed award. Here’s what our leadership team has to say…

Jake McGuire - VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success“What really differentiates BigRoad is the level of care we provide our customers. We built our application to be driver-friendly, and we’ve never waivered from that goal. It’s all about the value we drive to our customers. It makes me proud to be a part of an organization where everyone comes together to put drivers first.”  Jake McGuire, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience

Alicia Bedard, Director of Marketing“At BigRoad we care. We care about our free users, our customers, and the industry as a whole. It’s easy to forget that there are people behind the wheels of these vehicles, and at BigRoad we put these people first. This award really validates our hard work and confirms what we already believed to be true – that BigRoad is the best ELD solution provider.”  – Alicia Bedard, Director of Marketing

Marcia Burgess, Director of Account Management and Customer Success“Since day one, BigRoad has focused on creating a driver-friendly solution and providing exceptional customer care. The same can’t be said about our competitors. I’m grateful to work with such fantastic people who all believe in giving our customers the best possible experience.” – Marcia Herteis, Director of Account Management and Customer Success

Grant Cleland, Senior Sales Manager“I think our customers really appreciate that their experience from when they first start talking to us, to years after implementing our solution, our priorities never change.They are always our primary focus. We’re very proud of this accomplishment, and I’m looking forward to what’s next for BigRoad and what we can do to further help our customers.” – Grant Cleland, Senior Sales Manager

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